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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?


Chloe’s Cafe

Recommended by: J.J. Totah (Actor)

Right before they opened Chloe’s, the owners of this cafe were catering for the movie “Dirty Dancing.” The shift in venues has proven to be success, as the line for breakfast is always out the door and they have developed a reputation for the outstanding banana walnut pancakes. A brunch-lover’s dream for savory or sweet, [...]


Eric’s Restaurant

Recommended by: J.J. Totah (Actor)

When a craving strikes for heaping plates of Chinese food, Eric’s is the perfect, cozy space. Nestled in Noe Valley since 1991, this restaurant serves up the freshest classic dishes like hot and sour soup and mu shu pork. Vegetarians rejoice! They serve up meatless chicken General Tso’s or Orange style.


Happy Donuts

Recommended by: J.J. Totah (Actor)

Five dollars will go a long way at this no-frills spot in the city. Open every hour of every day, it is perfect for those late nights or early mornings when an egg and cheese croissant is the only thing that’ll do. Impress your coworkers by picking up a dozen doughnuts or simply savor a [...]


La Ciccia

 Recommended by: Mariam Naficy (Founder, Minted)

Tiny and rustic, La Ciccia is Noe Valley’s favorite little Italian restaurant. You’ll feel right at home with husband-and-wife hosts Massimiliano and Lorella, whose intimate space and seafood-focused Sardinian dishes make the perfect date night. Make a Reservation.