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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?



Recommended by: Marc Vetri (Chef/Owner, Vetri Ristorante), Ilan Hall (Chef/Owner, The Gorbals), Doug Quint (Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck)

Modeled after a Roman-style trattoria, Amis delivers mouthwatering Italian dishes in a convivial atmosphere. The share-plates menu features the well-known house-made pasta and salumi. However, there’s also a special dishes menu, which features cooked whole animals – birds, hogs, fish and beef. It’s the perfect spot for a feast or a snack. Make a Reservation



Recommended by: Marc Vetri (Chef/Owner, Vetri Ristorante)

Stellar produce elevates the Mediterranean fare featured at this cozy restaurant. Every dish, whether it’s the pizza, charcuterie, or handmade pasta, contains expertly executed culinary elements of Italian and Grecian cuisine.  The space is decorated in an organic, rustic-chic that compliments the comfortable atmosphere. Make a Reservation


El Vez

Recommended by: Jonathan Waxman (Chef/Owner, Barbuto)

El Vez serves jazzed-up Mexican cuisine in a boisterous, lively space. The quirky décor and innovative menu give the casual setting a subtle upscale vibe, which creates a fun, playful atmosphere. The delicious, creatively concocted cocktails and margaritas pair perfectly with the indulgent, adventurous menu. Make a Reservation



Recommended by: Marc Vetri (Chef/Owner, Vetri Ristorante)

Lolita serves up innovative, high-end Mexican fare, with exciting items such as duck-fat tamales and cucumber jalapeno margaritas. The lively atmosphere and outdoor seating offered in warmer months make this a great place for the interesting drinks and fare. Make a Reservation


Talula’s Garden

Recommended by: Sean Tice and Kristy Hadeka (Founders, Brooklyn Slate), Daphne Oz (Host, The Chew)

Talula’s Garden uses the best ingredients of the season to create inspiring American fare served in a rustic-chic space. The menu options are delicious with interesting takes on classic dishes, and the cheese plate is unbeatable. The beautiful garden and exquisite pink-granite cheese bar create an upscale, yet comfortable atmosphere. Make a Reservation “Talula’s Garden has [...]


Vetri Ristorante

Recommended by: Jonathan Waxman (Chef/Owner, Barbuto), Doug Quint (Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck)

Lying in an unassuming townhouse, this Italian jewel showcases Chef Marc Vetri’s culinary genius. Rustic, Italian fare dominates the prix-fixe only tasting menu, which offers homemade pastas, exciting flavor combinations, and exquisitely presented dishes. The personalized, attentive service makes this an unforgettable experience. Make a Reservation