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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?


A Priori Thé

Recommended by: Glenda Bailey (Editor-in-Chief, Harper’s Bazaar)

Location couldn’t possibly be much more breathtaking at A Priori Thé, a coffee and tea spot right in the center of the Galerie Vivienne. Light passes through a glass ceiling in the Galerie’s passageway, making it a great indoor-outdoor spot even on gloomy days. While the prime real estate keeps prices high, it’s an experience well worth [...]


Café Marly

Recommended by: Mel B (Performer)

Excellent contemporary Parisian fare on an outdoor deck with unbeatable views of the Louvre’s Pyramid – what more could you ask for? Cafe Marly is sophisticated without being pretentious, with its high ceilings, gilded woodwork,  chic clientele and classic service. No time for a meal while museum hopping? Stop by for a cocktail or a coffee. Prices [...]



Recommended by: Jenni Kayne (Fashion Designer)

A charming little Italian spot with only 15 seats, Cibus is oozing in authenticity and offers only the freshest fare daily, as transcribed onto the petite chalkboard menu. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate meal and some Italian hospitality.



Recommended by: Ramya Giangola (Fashion Consultant)

It can be hard to find good Chinese/Vietnamese food in the city of lights, but Davé provides that. The owner – Davé himself – greets you at the door when you come in and it’s always been a popular spot amongst celebrities visiting Paris (you’ll see photos proving this all over the walls).


Le Grand Véfour

Recommended by: Joshua Boissy (Co-Owner/Director of Operations, Maison Premiere), Aurelie Bidermann (Jewelry Designer), Thalia (Singer)

As the first grand restaurant in Paris, Le Grand Véfour epitomizes Parisian luxury and serves only the best of French gourmet.  Large mirrors in gilded frames deck the walls of the incredibly ornate neoclassical dining room, where Maison Premiere’s Josh Boissy would sit “for a four hour lunch with Champagne and some Burgundy”. “I’m in love with [...]


Les Bistronomes

Recommended by: Carly Cushnie (Fashion Designer)

This traditional bistro is tres Paris with it’s classic Gallic cuisine, cozily decorated space, and stunning dish presentation.  The professional, attentive service can feel like a special treat on top of the simply decadent menu. The antique mirrors and traditional bistro layout make this a quintessential Parisian experience. 


Les Fines Gueules

Recommended by: Lucy Yeomans (Editor-in-Chief, Porter)

This petite wine bar and bistro’s nondescript exterior may fool you into thinking it’s just another corner cafe, but what Les Fines Gueules cooks up in its kitchen has in fact earned it a fine reputation amongst the Parisians. A simple seasonal menu of both classic and inventive French fare is offered, and the charcuterie and steak tartare with [...]



Recommended by: Glenda Bailey (Editor-in-Chief, Harper’s Bazaar)

Located on the northwest corner of the Palais Royal, this Mediterranean-meets-British tea salon is a good option for a more toned-down, less-frills café compared to the neighborhood’s more prestigious spots. Black and white checkered floors are paired with black and white chairs to make for a mod interior to sip on over 20 tea options. [...]



Recommended by: Daniel Corey (Chef, Luce), Reece Solomon (Handbag Designer), Ingrid Hoffmann (Chef/Host, Simply Delicioso), Pilar Guzman (Editor-in-Chief, Condé Nast Traveler), Katie Lee (Host, The Kitchen), Andrew Carmellini (Chef/Owner, The Dutch), Linda Wells (Editor-in-Chief, Allure), Carla Gugino (Actress)

At Spring, American chef Daniel Rose’s multi-course menu changes regularly, reflecting the seasonal nature of fresh market ingredients, which are meticulously prepared from the open kitchen. Refined and polished with a casual elegance, this modern French restaurant is the ideal place to celebrate a special occasion and is well-worth the difficulty of winning a reservation. [...]


Willi’s Wine Bar

Recommended by: Jonathan Waxman (Chef/Owner, Barbuto)

For over thirty years, this British-owned landmark has been ahead of the curve as the quintessential Parisian wine bar / restaurant. The wood-beamed dining room walls are lined with Willi’s collectable art posters while an international array of wine-lovers enjoy the list of about 250 offerings, as well as some standout food.