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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?



Recommended by: Jonathan Waxman (Chef/Owner, Barbuto)

Despite it’s very central location in the city, Apicius has managed to carve out a little piece of serenity in a 19th century private mansion surrounded by enchanting lush green surroundings. Inspired by traditional “bourgeois” cuisine, the rich dishes coupled with their superb wine list and a bit of romance deliver the classic French gastronomic [...]

Aux Deux Amis_image copyright Kim Laidlaw_8

Aux Deux Amis

Recommended by: Melissa Hemsley (Hemsley + Hemsley)

This neighborhood dive is a cleverly decorated buzzing, constantly packed bar. With 70s neon lighting, an adventurous, whimsical menu, and beautiful outdoor terrace, this is the perfect place for a drink with friends or to tuck into a delicious, exciting meal.    


Boucherie Les Province

Recommended by: Jody Williams (Chef/Owner, Buvette)

This small restaurant of only twenty-two seats is nestled inside a butcher shop. The meat-heavy menu delivers huge mouth-watering entrecôte, côte de boeuf, sweet lamb chops, and juicy pork ribs. While digging into the dishes, grocery shoppers hover around, ordering their meats for the week.


Brasserie Lipp

Recommended by: Stephanie March (Actress)

One of Ernest Hemingway’s old haunts, this brasserie has kept much of its charm over the ages. The traditional French fare isn’t as cheap as it was back in Hemingway’s time, but still delivers tried and true classics. This true Parisian brasserie experience is worth the wait.


Buvette Paris

Stephanie March (Actress)

This is the Parisian offshoot of the original that lies in New York City’s West Village.  With a range of French small plates, fromages, charcuterie, and tartinettes – here you feel more like you’re eating in a small French country home on the outskirts of Paris rather than at a restaurant. No reservations are taken, [...]


Café de Flore

Recommended by: Joshua Boissy (Co-Owner/Director of Operations, Maison Premiere), Krystof Zizka (Maison Premiere), Elisabeth Holder (President, Laduree), Katie Lee (Host, The Kitchen), Aurelie Bidermann (Jewelry Designer)

The celebrated coffeehouse is easily the most iconic café in Paris, maybe even in the world.  It’s historically hosted a slew of French intellectuals and today the crowded outdoor terrace is still ideal for people watching the diverse clientele. As for the menu, de Flore offers all the café favorites from croissant to Croque Monsieur. [...]


Café Louise

Recommended by: Stephanie March (Actress)

This neighborhood bistro offers delicious, traditional French fare. The owner, Louise, is a constant presence in the restaurant, seating customers and providing menu recommendations. However, for some, the best late-night item at the bistro is the karaoke downstairs. You can sing your heart out, then come upstairs for some delicious frites before heading home. Stephanie [...]


Caviar Kaspia

Recommended by: Kyle Anderson (Accessories Director, Marie Claire), Roopal Patel (Founder/Owner, Roopal Patel Consulting), Stephanie March (Actress)

Caviar Kaspia is Paris’ seafood mecca in the heart of Place Madeleine that is no doubt a hotspot for fashion week dwellers, artists, editors, designers, businessmen and tourists alike. Located upstairs at number 17, diners can enjoy a bevy of caviars, smoked fish and seafood dishes in a grand environment. “Old school, old world, Russian [...]


Chez Georges

Recommended by: Lizzie Tisch (Suite 1521)

Chez Georges remains as authentic as it was when it opened in the 1920s, complete with a charming Victorian-style decor, varied menu of Parisian delicacies, and consistent flow of wine. The warm and spirited atmosphere provides good company for a traditional bistro meal.


Chez Marcel

Recommended by: Alice Lemoine (Fashion Designer)

The old-fashioned bistro has modernized Lyonnais classics and offers one of the more authentic French experiences. With a clientele of namely locals, this neighborhood spot on a quiet backstreet of Montmartre provides an atmosphere that feels truly French.


Chez Raspoutine

Recommended by: Stephanie March (Actress)

This trendy Russian-themed nightclub attracts Paris’s glitterati and models and other well-heeled patrons parade around. The bouncers are very selective, but if you get in, you’ll become privy to Paris’s new money party crowd. The drinks are expensive but delicious, and electronic party music blasts all night long.



Recommended by: Jenni Kayne (Fashion Designer)

A charming little Italian spot with only 15 seats, Cibus is oozing in authenticity and offers only the freshest fare daily, as transcribed onto the petite chalkboard menu. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate meal and some Italian hospitality.



Recommended by: Linda Wells (Editor-in-Chief, Allure)

The team behind Septime runs this rustically decorated oyster and seafood-centric restaurant. The daily changing menu features a plethora of fruit de mer, with oysters as the standout item.  Platters of cold oysters and silken crab fritters can be found on the tables of many who stop in, along with low-sulfite, organic wines from boutique [...]

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