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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?


Cuban Crafters

Recommended by: Melissa Fumero (Actress)

In the back of this huge old world Cuban cigar and manufacturing store is a small area serving  authentic Cuban sandwiches and coffee. You can enjoy your sandwich in the back or walk around the store noshing. The humidor and expansive array of cigars truly make you feel as if you stepped into an old [...]


El Mago de Las Fritas

Recommended by: Christina Tosi (Chef/Owner, Momofuku Milk Bar)

Ortelio “El Mago” Cardenas helms this family-owned restaurant that offers delicious homemade Cuban food in a warm and inviting atmosphere. A Cuban immigrant with over thirty years of culinary experience,  El Mago specializes in creating authentic fritas, traditional Cuban hamburgers, which he serves in many divine, different renditions. He’s truly the king of this Cuban [...]