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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?


PB Station

Recommended By: Beau Dunn (Artist)

Creative seafood & steak dishes, plus craft cocktails, in cool, train station–inspired digs. A favorite among the Art Basel crowd; we love their crab legs in particular. Make a reservation.



Recommended by: Lee Schrager (Founder, Food Network Wine & Food Festival), Ingrid Hoffmann (Chef/Host, Simply Delicioso), Jamie Rosen (Beauty Director, Town and Country), Joy Bauer (TV Personality), DJ Ruckus (DJ)

This hip downtown hotspot is worth a visit just for its spectacular water views and cool vibes. The upscale Japanese cuisine is equally amazing, and the brunch (which features a beautiful buffet option) is a Miami must.  Make a Reservation “For something a little more highbrow, the sushi brunch at Zuma is incredible.” – Jamie Rosen [...]