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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?


Carrot Express

Recommended by: Jamie Rosen (Beauty Director, Town and Country)

This healthy, reasonably priced spot serves delicious good for you food including  a delicious smoothie and juice menu. Their salads and bowls are noteworthy, especially because Carrot Express runs a great delivery service if you can’t make it in. “It’s a health food restaurant that used to be in a gas station convenience store. Now [...]


Cuban Crafters

Recommended by: Melissa Fumero (Actress)

In the back of this huge old world Cuban cigar and manufacturing store is a small area serving  authentic Cuban sandwiches and coffee. You can enjoy your sandwich in the back or walk around the store noshing. The humidor and expansive array of cigars truly make you feel as if you stepped into an old [...]


Egg & Dart

Recommended by: Ingrid Hoffmann (Chef/Host, Simply Delicioso)

At this Aegean escape in the Miami Design District, the pita is definitely on point. Contemporary yet rustic and airy yet cozy, this go-to Greek spot is the real deal, and has mastered everything from a simple Greek Salad to a classic Moussaka. Important: go for brunch. Potato latkes and bottomless mimosas? Yes, please.


El Mago de Las Fritas

Recommended by: Christina Tosi (Chef/Owner, Momofuku Milk Bar)

Ortelio “El Mago” Cardenas helms this family-owned restaurant that offers delicious homemade Cuban food in a warm and inviting atmosphere. A Cuban immigrant with over thirty years of culinary experience,  El Mago specializes in creating authentic fritas, traditional Cuban hamburgers, which he serves in many divine, different renditions. He’s truly the king of this Cuban [...]



Recommended by: Lee Schrager (Founder, Food Network Wine & Food Festival)

Open until 3am on weekdays and 5am on weekends, Gigi is a true “urban dining experience.” Their Asian-inspired noodle and BBQ menu will please your palate at any time of day. Try the brussel sprouts, and anything on a bun. “I love Gigi; the chef there, Amir Ben-Zion, is opening a new restaurant on South Street which is going to be Southern comfort [...]

HavenInterior006 CREDIT ZOLTAN


Recommended by: Ingrid Hoffmann (Chef/Host, Simply Delicioso)

Tapas-style plates, unique cocktails, and constantly changing light projections that will blow you away—Haven has it all. Whether it’s the chill, urban setting for your favorite sports event or the choice spot for Friday’s girls night out, this lounge won’t disappoint. Make a Reservation


Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Recommended by: Lee Schrager (Founder, Food Network Wine & Food Festival), Jonathan Waxman (Chef/Owner, Barbuto)

Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink has the type of menu that will make everyone happy. From the breakfast pizza to the “poulet rouge” chicken to the famous crispy pork ears, you won’t be disappointed. Their menus are even organized for your convenience—brunch is split between “sweet” and “savory” and dinner features “small,” “medium,” “large,” and [...]



Recommended by: Lee Schrager (Founder, Food Network Wine & Food Festival)

Michy’s serves what Chef Michelle Bernstein calls “luxurious comfort food”— which means everything from duck confit to sweetbread “nuggets.” Stop by for a laid-back supper; it’s a home-cooked meal made with the farm-fresh ingredients you always wished you had in your kitchen. Make a Reservation “I’m a huge fan of Michelle Bernstein so I love Michy’s.” – Lee Schrager (Food [...]


PB Station

Recommended By: Beau Dunn (Artist)

Creative seafood & steak dishes, plus craft cocktails, in cool, train station–inspired digs. A favorite among the Art Basel crowd; we love their crab legs in particular. Make a reservation.

Porkbelly and Clam Roll

Pubbelly Sushi

Recommended by: Tracy Anderson (Tracy Anderson Method)

Only at this “sushi pub” can you order a soft-shell crab roll that contains bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Or a Bigeye tuna snack named the “screaming orgasm.” This tavern meets sushi bar meets gastropub has redefined Japanese cuisine with unique recipes. It’s definitely worth a try.