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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?


Asuka Sushi

Recommended by: Ester Dean (Singer/Actress)

Swanky omakase sushi dinners are harsh on the wallet, so it’s no wonder that crowds flock to Asuka Sushi, a casual sushi joint in Chelsea that offers affordable rolls, bowls, and bento boxes. Asuka’s two-for-one cocktail happy hour deal is no secret, so plan to get there early to take advantage of a large selection of [...]

Blue Bottle James Roasting

Blue Bottle Chelsea

Recommended by: Todd Selby (Owner, The Selby), Christene Barberich (Editor-in-Chief, Refinery29), Todd Snyder (Fashion Designer), Matt Bean (Editor, Entertainment Weekly), Zanna Roberts Rassi (Editor, TV Personality)

Blue Bottle is a coffee shop with a reverence for the bean, and a concept that’s expanded to a number of cafés, kiosks and wholesale partners. You’ll have to wait a bit for your cup, as each is carefully crafted, but that’s definitely part of the fun!



Recommended by: Wendy Williams (Host, The Wendy Williams Show)

This trendy hotspot serves Asian cuisine in a vibrantly, hip space. The large decorative buddhas and colorful Asian decor are offset by clever lighting, evoking a lounge-type atmosphere. The soft, electronic music pulsed throughout the different rooms keeps the lively vibe going, while the extensive menu offers a plethora of easily shareable Asian dishes. Make a [...]

Cafeteria, 119 7th Ave, Recommended by Ester Dean


Recommended by: Ester Dean (Singer/Actress)

Comfort food with a contemporary twist in an ultra-trendy Chelsea setting is what has kept Cafeteria on the dining radar of the hip and chic for more than 15 years. Open 24/7, there’s always a reason to dine here, whether it be to satisfy those late night mac and cheese cravings, or to indulge on a brunch [...]

Cookshop, 156 10th Ave, Recommended by Lindsay Ellingson


Recommended by: Amanda Freitag (Chef, Empire Diner), John Bartlett (Fashion Designer), Anne Fulenwider (Editor-in-Chief, Marie Claire), Mike Doyle (Actor), Ramya Giangola (Fashion Consultant), Jennifer Morrison (Actress), Lindsay Ellingson (Model)

New Yorkers can’t deny that when they find themselves stranded, hungry and thirsty on a random expanse of 10th Avenue, their first thought is: Is Cookshop around here? But Cookshop’s appeal is not just in its big-fish-small-pond location, the American seasonal food is always amazing and the atmosphere is sleek and fun. Make a Reservation. [...]


El Quijote

Recommended by: Mike Doyle (Actor)

Serving up Spanish fare for over eighty years, this Chelsea spot has truly stood the test of time. Patrons receive heaping piles of paella, seafood, and other authentic delights from the bustling kitchen. The always-pouring sangria and colorful decorations make this a lively, enjoyable atmosphere.


Empire Diner

Recommended by: Michele Promaulayko (Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Health)

Executive Chef Amanda Freitag is the brainchild behind this renovated, historic Chelsea diner. Serving up elevated comfort food in a modern, homey space, Freitag deftly honors the diner’s culinary history, while also offering her own, imaginative dishes. Currently serving only lunch and dinner, Freitag hopes to soon have this classic space open 24 hours a day.



Recommended by: Debi Mazar (Actress)

On any given night of the week, Fonda is packed with diners who appreciate a neighborhood restaurant that serves home-style Mexican cuisine. Fonda’s signature hand-cut guacamole comes with salsa, chips and hand-rolled, warm tortillas, and is famous for being extremely addicting. The first floor of the restaurant features an inviting bar with great cocktails, and an [...]


Haven’s Kitchen

Recommended by: Veronica Miele Beard (Fashion Designer)

Haven’s Kitchen is comprised of a recreational cooking school, upscale speciality food store, cafe, and  private event space that all centered around enlightening the community about sustainable eating. Located in a rustic chic former carriage house, the cafe offers culinary delights featuring the season’s best produce. The classes range from introductory courses to delving into [...]


Joe Coffee Chelsea

Recommended by: Francois Payard (Chef/Owner, Payard), Rachel Antonoff (Fashion Designer), Veronica Miele Beard (Fashion Designer)

This boutique coffee shop – with eight locations throughout Manhattan – is a welcome change from the impersonal Starbucks culture. With amazing baristas and top-notch coffee brewed to perfection, it’s hard to rationalize going anywhere else for your on-the-go morning fix. Menu recommendations: Roasted Coffee, Pistachio Cake – Francois Payard (Chef/Owner, Payard)


La Bergamote

Recommended by: Giorgia Tordini (Fashion Designer & Consultant)

This authentic French patisserie and bistro in the heart of Chelsea serves up classic French dishes, from a Croque Monsieur to Steak au Poivre. Also known for its pastries, tarts, and beautiful cakes, this under the radar spot is worth a visit for a cozy meal or an afternoon dessert.


Le Zie

Recommended by: Lori Goldstein (Stylist)

Le Zie is one of the best under-the-radar Italian spots in New York City. Whether it’s a cozy dinner or delicious take-out, Chelsea locals swear by this unpretentious spot. “I have this great local Italian restaurant that’s in Chelsea, called Le Zie. It’s so good. Nobody knows about it, unless you live here. I order [...]