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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?



Recommended by: Sam Palladio (Actor & Musician)

Leon restaurants have made a name for themselves with their natural, seasonal take on fast food. It’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for a quick, healthy lunch without compromising the taste.



Recommended by: Laura Carmichael (Actress)

For one of the most elegant dining experiences in London, visit Spring, the new restaurant inside the historic Somerset House. Majestic white marble and huge mirrors make the view from your seat almost as divine as the delicate Italian dishes. Make a Reservation.


The Hawksmoor

Recommended by: Colman Domingo (Actor)

A great place for steak – with the recommended cook of medium rare – this restaurant and cocktail bar has always received the highest compliments. With a focus on beef, the menu revolves around the freshest and best British ingredients. Feel comforted by a mouth-watering Sunday roast or go home pleasantly stuffed with sticky toffee pudding with [...]