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Our City Guides is from the point of view of the people we interview. A restaurant cannot be listed in our guides unless it is recommended by one of the tastemakers we’ve featured. We don’t want you to see the restaurant world through our eyes, but rather through the eyes of your favorite tastemakers in every industry. Why us? Why not them?


5 Leaves

Recommended By: Ian Mellencamp (Musician)

This chill Greenpoint bistro offers New American fare with an Aussie accent & brunch options. Their granola is a hit among celebrities and locals alike; Ian Mellencamp says it’s his ideal breakfast.



Recommended by: Adam Richman (Travel Channel Host)

Whether you stop in for a hearty meal or just a drink, Alchemy gives you the true London-style gastropub experience in the comfort of this low-key venue.  If the menu’s old-timey favorites weren’t enough to thoroughly satisfy an appetite, Alchemy proves everything tastes better washed down by a Guinness.


Antica Pesa

Recommended by: Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Actor)

This swanky spot was inspired by its original namesake in Rome. The dark woods and modern decor give this space a sexy, sleek atmosphere that attracts both locals and celebrities hankering for upscale Italian. However, the food is the main star here, with each dish a flavorful unique twist on traditional Italian fare. Additionally, the [...]


Bar Bruno

Recommended by: Jessica Richards (Shen Beauty)

To satisfy a fish taco craving in Brooklyn, Bar Bruno is a no-brainer. Sidewalk seating makes this neighborhood hangout an excellent venue to chow down on Mexican (whilst sipping a michelada of course).



Recommended by: Dana Cowin (Editor-in-Chief, Food & Wine), Athena Calderone (Interior Designer), Jim Nelson (Editor-in-Chief, GQ), Jill Herzig (Editor-in-Chief, Redbook)

A tiny 28 seater spot with exposed brick walls, antique ceilings, and a small, cozy feeling, Battersby somehow makes being somewhat cramped a positive. The courses on the menu named “first,” “second” and “third,” are the perfect representation of the unassuming, humble nature of this American Nouveau spot. “I’d go to Brooklyn and go to Battersby, [...]


Betty Bakery

Recommended by: Julie Ann Orsini (Fashion Archivist)

Betty Bakery is a neighborhood bakeshop in the heart of Boerum Hill. Whether it’s delicious hot chocolate, an intricate cake for your next celebration, or just a red velvet cupcake to brighten one’s day, there are treats for all kinds of occasions (and non-occasions).


Bien Cuit

Recommended by: Kerry Diamond (Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Food)

This bakery and café hybrid is a Cobble/Boerum Hill neighborhood go-to for freshly baked and authentic French pastries and breads. Dainty fruit tarts, classic pastries, savory pies and large loaves of bread fill the rustic and clean room with a heavenly and almost hypnotic aroma, making it nearly impossible to walk out empty handed. Proper [...]

Blue Bottle James Roasting

Blue Bottle Williamsburg

Recommended by: Todd Selby (Owner, The Selby), Christene Barberich (Editor-in-Chief, Refinery29), Todd Snyder (Designer), Matt Bean (Editor, Entertainment Weekly), Zanna Roberts Rassi (Editor, TV Personality)

Blue Bottle is a coffee shop with a reverence for the bean, and a concept that’s expanded to a number of cafés, kiosks and wholesale partners. You’ll have to wait a bit for your cup, as each is carefully crafted, but that’s definitely part of the fun!



Recommended by: Chelsea Leyland (International DJ)

Bozu offers a sophisticated twist on “Japanese tapas;” delicious and fresh sushi abounds on the menu, their specialty are their “sushi bombs,” and there are still plenty of vegetarian options. Cozy and hip, Bozu’s atmosphere makes it a great place for a date; but there is plenty of seating in the dining room or on [...]


Brooklyn Crab

Recommended by: Trish Goff (Model)

Overlooking the New York Harbor, this tri-level seafood shack offers delicious crab and seafood boils Maryland style, as well as other tradition seafood fare. Don’t let the long lines deter you, the wait is well worth it with the delicious platters of fresh seafood cooked in the perfect blend of spices.


Brooklyn Label

Recommended by: Rachelle Lefevre (Actress)

Although popular for its brunch, lunch and dinner at this warm, inviting neighborhood eatery are equally worth stopping for. Chef Jose Luis Diaz uses his Puerto Rican roots and French training to inspire his cooking, creating unique dishes that keep the locals coming back for more. “If I have time, I make myself a honey [...]