About Us

The Synopsis

The New Potato was founded by sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann, and is a creative studio and production house that does everything from high-end photography to graphic design to high-production value video ranging from branded and personal projects to feature films. Our site is a platform where we share certain projects as well as the inspirations behind them. We explore and move into anything and everything that piques our tastebuds. We are here to play and produce, and much in the vein of the old Hollywood studios we believe in quality not quantity when we are creating.

Plot Points

When it comes to content, we believe in something to look forward to not something to mindlessly scroll through. Our #NoScrolling motto should remind you – when you’re scrolling at the speed of a Snapchat whether on our site or another – to slow down and enjoy!

Stop and smell the roses, Potatoheads! #EyesUp remind us not to always be glued to our phones, and look around that 3-dimensional world we know, love, and that always provides us with inspiration. We’d also hate for you to bump into things, we like you.

Everyone likes a brief little Meet Cute every now and again. Fun quick content can be fun, which is what our Instagram is for, as well as our Rom Com section.


The New Potato Studios is for hire: We serve up fare for brands, agencies, personalities and media companies that’s just as delicious as what we create for our reader. We’ve expanded to a full-on creative agency that produces high-production value video and photography, events, #IRL experiences and compelling content in any form. All this can be leveraged and communicated on The New Potato’s online and social platforms.

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