About Us

Sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann launched The New Potato in May 2013 as a unique opportunity for readers to experience the latest trends in fashion, beauty, health, travel, design, and entertainment – all through the lens of food. Just as fashion is always a question of “what is the new black?” Danielle and Laura consistently explore the question of “what is the new potato?” as it pertains to the food and lifestyle categories. Interestingly, the Kosann sisters are self-proclaimed anti-foodie foodies – since their food experience has always been as much about the vibe, the aesthetic, the culture, even the fashion, as it has been about the plates put in front of them. Inspired by this sentiment, The New Potato pushes the boundaries of what we traditionally know as a food destination. Food is more than just a topic, it is a catalyst used to open up the conversation, leading to content that is both accessible and aspirational. The site is redefining the culinary experience as we know it.

Since its debut, The New Potato has grown fast and furiously into a full scale online magazine that continuously blurs the lines between food, fashion, design and media. Profiling everything from the health routines of celebrities and influencers; recipes and city guides from actors, models and chefs; long-form interviews with both restaurateurs and publishing icons; all the way to dinners in the homes of popular tastemakers, this breakout site covers a newer, far more extensive palate of tastes and trends.

The New Potato has been covered in publications such as Vogue, WWD, InStyleHarper’s Bazaar, ELLE, New York Magazine’s The Cut, Glamour, Allure, The Daily Beast, and Town & Country. 

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