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The Synopsis

We are an online magazine that presents the world through the lens of food; because what surrounds a dish is as important as what’s on it. Just as wine and appetizers break the ice at a dinner party, food starts the conversation here at The New Potato and allows us to then move into anything and everything that piques our tastebuds. In producing our content, we operate like the old Hollywood studios: With the Feature Presentation we publish for our readers just once daily, we approach and present entertainment, fashion, design and lifestyle cinematically, through that food lens and always as a production. We’ll be something for you to look forward to each day, not just something to scroll through.

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Plot Points

We’re something to look forward to each day, not something to mindlessly scroll through. Look out for our #NoScrolling guy, he’ll pop up and remind you every now and then – if you’re scrolling at the speed of a Snapchat – to slow down and enjoy!

Stop and smell the roses, Potatoheads! Look out for our #EyesUp pop up to update you on what’s going on in that 3-dimensional world we so often forget about. Because truly great #IRL experiences remind us not to always be glued to our phones. We’d also hate for you to bump into things, we like you.

While we’ll be delivering just one big Feature Presentation a day, we know everyone likes a brief little Meet Cute every now and again. Don’t fret, that’s what the Rom Com section’s for, to give you just a few smaller snippet stories in case your day is busy, or you forgot your glasses at home and longform is giving you a headache.


Our sister restaurant – The New Potato Studios – is for hire: We serve up fare for brands, agencies, personalities and media companies that’s just as delicious as what we create for our readers. We’ve expanded from just an online publication, to a full-on creative agency that produces high-production value video and photography, events, #IRL experiences and compelling content in any form. All this can be leveraged and communicated on The New Potato’s online and social platforms.

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