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The Affairs Of Women

Hi everyone, it’s Laura! I wanted to check in on what I’ve been up to, which has been diving into entertainment projects. As I do, I wanted to keep writing small stories and start a subscription of my own as I am still totally itching to get shorter stories out there to a community that loves reading or writing or both as much as I do. The first story is OUT, and involves a woman named Maxine who bests her husband and learns revenge is best served cold, with a martini…

I absolutely love original stories, especially female-driven ones. As I work away on longer-term entertainment projects, I wanted a place where I could come and share short works of fiction with other devotees like myself, who love to fall into fiction as much as I do. Click here to subscribe to my Substack where I plan to deliver a delicious, original story each week with a badass female at its epicenter; all made to be consumed anywhere. And I mean anywhere…on your morning commute, waiting at the OBGYN, in your favorite armchair with a glass of red wine curled up with your pup, or in a stolen morning coffee moment sans kids or partner. That’s why I have always loved great stories: While in real life you could be sweating on the L train, you can simultaneously be in 1920’s Paris wading through the steamy likes of French society… Not only would I so appreciate your subscription/support, but I’d also love to get to know you. I love meeting and collaborating with not just other writers, but also other readers. Please don’t be shy and make yourself known…I want to hear from you! Xo Laura

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