Lucy Fry Wants You To Stop Buying Plastic

Photographed by Danielle Kosann

Lucy Fry, star of the upcoming Godfather of Harlem (premiering this Sunday the 29th on EPIX) talks painting, Australian breakfast, and The Lion King

From start to finish what would be your ideal food day?

Australian brunch – avocado, eggs, gluten free toast. Salad for lunch. And then for dinner my favorite thing to cook is gypsy salmon, a recipe I made up where I cook sweet potato and onion until they are crispy, then add salmon, kale, spinach and lemon until it’s all soft. Wild alaskan sockeye salmon is apparently the healthiest and most sustainable choice, but because of how overfished our oceans are I often just have gypsie veggies with portobello mushrooms and quinoa which is equally delicious!

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I feel beautiful inside when I’m relaxed and doing things I love, like painting. Also fun exercise makes me feel great, surfing yoga and karate. Listening to what my body needs is difficult but when I find a good rhythm of exercise and healthy food that supports my work, then I feel great.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

I cleanse and moisturize my skin in the morning and evening.

What were you always insecure about growing up, and how did you overcome it?

I was insecure about my voice, I was scared to speak in groups. I overcame it by going to speech and drama classes, and that was how I found my love for acting.

How do you always start your day?

In the morning, I normally drink lemon and water because the acidity of the lemon helps to kick your body into a more alkaline state for the day. The health of your gut is a key to energy and positivity. I often try to do ten minutes of meditation in the morning, with a simple visualization technique to get clear for the day.

What movie had the biggest effect on you and why?

The film that had the biggest effect on me was probably The Lion King, because I would watch it all the time as a kid. Those are such formative years that I’m sure watching it on repeat shaped my understand of the world. Simba’s journey to fulfill his destiny is an archetypal hero’s journey, and I think that those stories, whatever genre they are in, inspire us to overcome our fears to live in the way that is the most brave and true to our soul purpose.

Who would you like to collaborate with that you haven’t yet?

Guillermo del Toro and Maiwenn

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received? The best?

Worst advice…I feel like whenever people have given me diet advice, like intermittent fasting or keto diets or anything restrictive it ends up just making me feel bad. I realize that I just need to listen to my body and feed it the nutrients I need to get through the day feeling supported and strong.

The best advice…maybe just sitting with the question, ‘What is the most fulfilling life I could lead, and what would that feel like?’ It makes room to envision what choices are truly the most nourishing, in work and relationships, as well as how to give and contribute to my community in fulfilling ways. The best advice is the advice that arises from within when you make enough time to listen to the little voice hidden under the noise of everyday life. Whenever I’ve listened to that deep voice, it’s guided me well, but whenever I’ve listened to what other people think is the best thing for me, it often goes awry.

Is there an issue right now you’re most passionate about? What is it and why?

Environmental protection – climate change, the plastic crisis. 12.7 tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year, and this feels personal to me because I love surfing and I can see it directly, when I go surfing in LA; sometimes I paddle out to find myself just swimming in plastic. There is 80,000 tonnes of plastic in the Great Pacific Garden patch between California and Hawaii. One way to solve the problem is to reduce plastic consumption at the source. It can be challenging, but by shopping at farmers markets or even at your local grocery store and choosing to buy foods that are not wrapped in plastic can make a difference. It is up to us to shape the world we want to live in, and if we don’t make changes now then I don’t know how we are going to survive.

If you could host a dinner party with any five people living or dead, who would be there and why?

Frida Kahlo and Hilma af Klint because they are my favorite artists and revolutionary women. I would love to hear about how they found the commitment to paint their experiences so honestly and prolifically. David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, to learn more ways to solve the climate crises. Michelle Obama to learn how to translate our feminist and environmental ideas into political action!

If you could put a quote on a t-shirt to sum up your current mood and mode, what would it be?

‘How can I do this better?’

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