Malina Weissman

On Hidden Figures And The Perfect New York Slice

Photographed by Danielle Kosann

Malina Weissman, star of A Series of Unfortunate Events, shares her ideal food day, beauty routines, and what inspires her…

From start to finish what would be your ideal food day?

From start to finish my ideal food day would be:

Breakfast: Chocolate Nutella pancake

Lunch: A whole pie of really good pizza

Dinner: Buttery mac & cheese

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I think practicing beauty from inside just has to do with making sure you feel good in your skin – and that feeling should come from the inside and not what you see in the mirror.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

My morning routine is waking up, washing my face quickly, and doing my makeup. Then I’ll get dressed fast, brush my teeth and I am out the door to school. My night routine is super short. I just wash my face with any face wash laying around, brush my teeth and put on comfy clothes.

How do you always start your day? 

I always start my day to my very annoying and loud alarm clock.

What is your favorite meal in New York City? 

My favorite meal in New York City is definitely a typical New York 99cent pizza slice.

What movie had the biggest effect on you and why?

There are so many movies which have had an effect on me. One of my favorites is “Hidden Figures.” It inspired hope in me to always be true to yourself and stand up for the things you believe are right with perseverance and strength.

What song would be the soundtrack to your life? 

Probably “Dreamer” by Supertramp.

If you could put a quote on a tee shirt to sum up your current mood and mode, what would it be?

Sorry for what I said when I was hungry.

5 thoughts on “Malina Weissman: On Hidden Figures And The Perfect New York Slice

  1. This is an amazing series of shoots, and especially with my favourite model and actress Malina Weissman! 😍❤️ Hope to meet you in person someday I live in Canada (Toronto) and I absolutely love the series of The Unfortunate Events !

  2. I’ve watched her when she was on Supergirl and then of course the series of unfortunate event in the movie you’re too that she’s done I’m a school bus driver so it’s interesting to see how she’s different being that she’s a celebrity versus regular kids that I drive her age everyday

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