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Hey Potatoheads, it’s Laura, one half of The New Potato. My sister Danielle and I want to speak to you all, because you may be wondering where we’ve been all this time. To quickly re-acquaint ourselves with you, we are sisters who love all things food fashion and culture, have a real penchant for comedy and old Hollywood and sometimes get ourselves into super awkward situations. Danielle’s an incredible photographer, I write and direct our videos (and most recently the feature film we made this summer) and our sister relationship is prototypical in that Danielle is the older sister and therefore has a way higher Uber rating than I do.

Perhaps you remember us telling you about our most recent project. I wrote a script and then we made a feature film – a comedy, more specifically, about social media influencers. We shot it in June in New York City and spent July and August wrapping and editing it. Most of the crew was under 30, it was a female Executive Producer team (shout out to our fellow EP – and one of the stars of the film – Law and Order SVU’s Stephanie March) and the cast includes up and coming stars from Upright Citizen’s Brigade and Dear Evan Hansen as well as veterans like Jackie Hoffman (Feud anyone?) Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty Forman anyone?) Richard Kind (A Serious ManMad About You anyone?) and Peter Scolari (we wanted Hannah horvaths dad to be our dad…anyone?). We’ve got high hopes for it, it’s hilarious and yes we state that as fact!

We now define ourselves as a creative studio, moving from project to project on things that really inspire us and allow us to tell stories.

We realize we may be unclear to you (our beloved Potatohead audience) as we went dark and right now want to address that. As you may remember, we pivoted our strategy to focus more on quality not quantity (I.e. our new mission statement here). The quick gist of it is that sometimes, when you work in content, you hit a grind where you suddenly feel your priority is creating your following (posting a trillion meaningless things), rather than creating something of substance and then letting a following come from that.

When it comes to “content” Danielle and I are old souls. (Doesn’t it suck sometimes to be an old soul in this day and age? Stop. We gotta stick together. Stop. (Those stops were a telegram references, in case your soul is not that old)) Anyway, we really like to create beautiful things – things that take a deep dive, things that take time and passion and an eye and a big imagination. The stuff of long stories in a world where many stories are told in 140 characters or 60 seconds (and those are on the longer side!). If we all could still send one another handwritten letters sealed with wax I’d want to go to there, as Tina Fey would say.

So the issue with being an old soul and wanting to create bigger, longer form things is that it can be hard to do both – to make things, and communicate with your audience. Creativity can really thrive when a person unplugs and feels completely unaccountable when it comes to posting updates and the like. It’s why we went dark for a few months while we produced our movie. We are sorry for that, it sort of just happened, like the Baby-G craze or my loving cargo Capri pants in middle school.

But, we want you on this journey with us, peeking in on our story and inspirations and sharing yours as well. It is so vitally important as creative women to be able to openly pivot TOGETHER, change one’s mind then change it again, fall in love with something then another thing then another. We want to continue to do that with you, not without you. We really do want to share that journey with you, and share what inspires us and what keeps our creative wheels turning – and have you share yours as well.

Teamwork makes the dream work and if we continue to share our funny or successful or crazed or deranged or failed or foiled attempts and adventures in creating with you and visa versa then perhaps we will all win. We will manifest and help one another get a promotion, have a great stand up show, hit a softball, win a Golden Globe, sing in public, stand up to the obnoxious guy in the next cubicle, meet Bradley Cooper, the list goes on. We will all be inspired, inspire each other and most importantly laugh quite a lot.

We won’t make promises we can’t keep, but we can promise a couple times a month you’ll be hearing from us. We won’t be bombarding your inbox but instead we’ll share something substantial about our journey in what we are doing. And ask for you to write back. And to get something from us on more of a day to day basis, follow our Instagram @thenewpotato.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks, we’re waiting to hear if our movie gets into a big film festival and will keep you posted as we bite our nails and crack our knuckles and feel like we’re applying to college again…


Ps – A Star Is Born was so frigging good. We’re far from the shallow now.

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