Sarah Goldberg Wants To Eat Shellfish With Leonard Cohen

If you haven’t watched HBO’s Barry, take it from us, it’s time to start. We immediately fell in love with female lead Sarah Goldberg, who chatted with us about everything from shellfish with Leonard Cohen, to overcoming insecurities. Read on for this great interview…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

A latte and a croissant to start, followed by the lunch sushi special at Hibino. Finishing with dinner at Rucola family style with friends so I can have bit of everything…namely their escarole salad, truffle pasta and trout dish paired with a negroni and glass of nebbiolo. And finally…a pot of their chocolate pudding with salt and olive oil (and many spoons).

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

I am generally a Cetaphil, brush your teeth in the shower kind of person. But I am obsessed with two natural lines from Toronto: Wildcraft and Province Apothecary. I try to exfoliate with wildcraft ‘Buff’ face and body scrub a couple times a week and I use their rose cream in the day. At night I use Province Apothecary face oil. If I have a breakout, their Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment with turmeric and their healing eczema balm are miracle workers. I also really like dumping eucalyptus oil all over my pillows!

How do you always start your day? What’s your go-to breakfast?  

It varies but coffee is usually involved. I live near a great park and I like to get up and get walking with a latte and some Christine and the Queens or Kate Bush in my ear. I really just love toast in the morning…avocado toast, toast with raspberry jam, or just plain toast with butter. I have expanded on the theme and moved over to almond butter and the occasional egg, not together! If I could really have my way I would have a croissant every single day! But I try to save them for a sunday treat. If I find my coffee doesn’t kick in I use Saje ‘peppermint halo’ on my temples for a bit of a wake up call. It is my drug of choice!

What are your go-to workouts? 

I am fairly new to working out. I have begrudgingly come to realize that exercise is synonymous with your thirties. Power walks in the park (with the odd moment of jogging if I can muster the will!) to loud 90s power ballads are my favorite. I also love pilates. Pilates has really helped me to feel stronger and more in alignment. It also really helps with the physical requirements of my job, especially if I am doing theatre and on that eight show week schedule.

What’s one thing you were always insecure about growing up? How did you overcome it?

Acne. Unfortunately with heavy drugs.

I had terrible cystic acne in my teens and early twenties. I remember being so upset about it one day at school that I faked a stomachache and went home. Acne is so painful. It isn’t just an aesthetic thing, although that part can be crippling, it actually physically hurts. When I had it in my twenties, the mixture of makeup needed in my job was a terrible combination and my face would constantly be enflamed and very sore. I opted for drugs as it was the only thing that seemed to work. I am amazed with people who have the patience for a total holistic overhaul. I would be more inclined to play that long game these days but at the time I was desperate for a cure. I recently had a terrible breakout on my neck and changed my diet for a while to try to heal it. Nothing worked until I discovered the Province Apothecary products. Julie Clark, who started the company, is quite possibly a magical wizard! She invented a cream to heal her own eczema and a product line was born. The combo I mentioned above really helped me and is worth a go if you have hormonal acne.

What’s a piece of advice you’d have for young women struggling with body image? 

Be kind to yourself. And enjoy your youth. We only get one body and it is the vessel that carries us around. You have to learn to love that vessel because it is the one you are stuck with – and we are all true originals, which is pretty fucking cool. If you are young and healthy that is a good starting point! I think it is important to counterbalance any negative thoughts with positive messages. Keep the ratio one to two and be vocal about it. Pick something you love about yourself…a mole, a toe, a nostril…and love it up. Start there and expand. It sounds silly but it helps. Bodies listen. They are so bizarre and extraordinary. I find it helps to keep curious about them. And if you get the urge to be cruel to yourself, ask if you would ever be so harsh to a friend and cut the discourse right there. If I am feeling low I try to dance it out (queue the 90s power ballad once again!). It always helps to know the vessel still works. Also stay off social media if you can. It only feeds the demons.

What’s the issue you feel most passionately about right now and why?

Recycling. Every time I open my bins out front and someone has put trash in the plastics and plastics in the paper a little part of me screams. It doesn’t cost anything to recycle. As a canadian, recycling was drilled into me. Where I grew up we only have garbage collection once every two weeks so you have to recycle if you don’t want to drown in a pile of rubbish. We are at a critical point when it comes to waste. I strongly feel if we are going to participate in this disposable culture we have to participate in the clean up. Along those lines I made a pact with myself to try and only buy vintage and locally-made clothing for six months. I have managed eight years. It is really easy to do and you end up saving a lot of money and having original things. There is no moral culpability with large clothing chains when it comes to waste or labour conditions, which I find pretty alarming. You have to vote with your dollar.

What are three things you’re coveting right now?

A new computer…I am in a personal war with Apple (of which they are very much unaware) to try and prove I can make it to my ten year anniversary with my macbook (2008 vintage model) but it just shut down on me while I was filling in this questionnaire. Apple: 1. Me: 0.

A black leather backpack to put said computer in when I travel. (I always admire the black leather backpack girl on planes. She really has her shit together!)

1509 matthius perfume. It is just lovely!

What would your last meal be? Who would it be with?

I developed a shellfish allergy in my twenties. Growing up in Vancouver, we used to swim for crabs, dump ’em in a pot, melt some butter and dinner was served. I was passionate about shellfish, but those crustaceans have had their vengeance. So I think I would go down laughing with a seafood tower…oysters, lobster, crabs, the works. Riffing on this fantasy, I think I would resurrect Leonard Cohen and ask him to pick the wine.

What are your favorite restaurants? 

Anglesea Arms Pub in London, Zen Sushi in west vancouver, Ostrich Farm in LA and Long Island Bar, Henry Public, I Sodi, Hanoi House, Vinegar Hill House, Five Leaves, Rucola and Glasserie in New York.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? The worst? 

The best advice I ever received was from my father, who said you only get one life so you should really spend it doing something you love. It is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable. From a very young age he supported my untraditional choice of profession. The worst advice was from another relative who said ‘Isn’t acting more of a hobby?’

If you could come up with a quote of the day to sum up your current mood and mode, what would it be? 

Well since The Cohen Boy has left us and I won’t be getting any lobster, how about some of his words: ‘There is a crack in Everything. That’s how the light gets in.’

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  1. I love this page, perhaps you can expand a little more. My six year old granddaughter is on the alkaline diet. She was loosing her hair and completely lost her eye brows..

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