We’re Making A Movie!

Why has there been less content on The New Potato lately? Well Potatoheads we’ll put it simply: We’re making a movie. Laura wrote it and will be directing it, we’re both acting in it, and The New Potato Studios is the production company. Exciting stuff right?

Do you remember our new mission statement back in September? All about quality over quantity, and doing art of substance in this world of far too much noise and quick content? Well: Part of that journey turned into sitting down and writing an 80-page comedic film feature script that we’ll be shooting this June, and submitting to festivals for 2019. Stephanie March (When she’s not playing Our Favorite Person In Real Life, you can catch her as the legendary Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order SVU) is Executive Producer with us, and will be starring in it. Whoop whoop!

Comment if you love movies, because we’ll be taking you on this journey with us. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you, would you? Exactly.

26 thoughts on “We’re Making A Movie!

    1. Hey Alecia! Yes! We will be trying to keep you guys updated on what’s going on, once a week ideally depending on how crazy things get 🙂 Thanks for coming on this journey with us! More clues to come next week!

  1. Can’t wait. Love movies. Know many scrip writers also documentary filmmakers. So looking forward . Good luck

  2. Terrific……and best to you all!!! .by the way…are you casting any roles for a dynamic, attractive, very funny not-so-retired Black american actress? I starred in a huge film hit in the 80’s, and recently shot a cameo in the series based on the original movie…just wondering….=)

  3. Love movies and looking forward to hearing all about this one! Super excited Stephanie March will be starring in it. When I’m not watching movies, I’m watching SVU:-)

  4. As a film buff, I’m so excited to see you chart your progress from pre-production to the movie’s premiere. I hope you take us along every step of the way! It will be so fascinating to watch your process. Behind the scenes work is just as interesting to me as the what goes on in front of the camera. This is so cool, Danielle, Laura and Stephanie! Break a leg! I can’t wait to see the finished film!

  5. I love that you are all making a movie! Can I PA or be an extra? I am transitioning careers into working in film. In any case, this is all very exciting news!

  6. These are always fun and exciting…We’re in the same show biz corner it seems. I wish you success, and hope you’ll consider giving me a call.!

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