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What We Covet This Week

Nothing’s changed; friends don’t let friends go without a killer list of items they’re loving. Enter The Short List: We’ll be unveiling things we love every week in hopes that you procrastinate at your desk, and shop our suggestions. Your fellow Potatoheads will be surfing alongside you, because friends also don’t let friends shop alone. This week, we’re loving these ladylike dresses for spring…

1 thought on “The List: What We Covet This Week

  1. New to your site. Just listened to the LiveIG with Jamie Beck (adore!) and your beautiful mother! So much talent, intelligence and beauty on one iPhone screen-millions actually! I’m so grateful your mom shared your website with us. Looking forward to your content!
    P.S. You have a typo above in Stop and smell the roses. I believe the cafe at RWGuild is spelled La Mercerie.

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