Our Cookbook Is Out!

We’re so excited that our new book, Great Tastes, is officially out!!!

We’ve been working on this book for a long time now, and are so excited to finally share it with you. When the idea of a cookbook started to come up, we laughed: “Who, us? We’re not chefs!” But then we realized…yup. That was the point.

This book is a natural extension of the website—a combination of all its features—because we love food, we love to cook, and we love to eat. Instead of a traditional chapter-by-chapter organization, we’ve decided to take you through our ideal food day—or perhaps several variations on it—from early morning to late at night. And of course, great food is great storytelling, which is why these courses are broken up by funny anecdotes from our lives, both pre–The New Potato and during – and they include plenty of our fun celebrity run-ins.

These recipes fit into our day-to-day lives while also making that day-to-day a bit more special. They’re ambitious but they’re still accessible. Most of all, though, they reflect the fact that our favorite part of food is every part: the act of gathering, the people who pop in and out, the people you bond with over it, the wine you drink while cooking the meal, even the perfect array of tapered candles and flowers you disperse with your sister while your mom dances to bad disco music and watches the oven (sorry, Mom). So this book is as much a collection of hilarious stories from two sisters as it is a smorgasbord of great food.

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