Ballerina Isabella Boylston’s Morning Routine

Ballerina Isabella Boylston shares her morning routine…

Starting off the day right relies on waking up from a good night’s sleep. I try to get eight hours every night – nine if I have a show that day. I try not to hit the snooze button. I always send my husband, Dan, a good morning text since he has to get to work hours before my alarm even goes off.

Once I’m up I wash my face with water only. I usually moisturize with Jordan Samuels serum. His line is all natural and amazing for my skin. If I have to rehearse that day, I’ll put on a little makeup. I mix my sunscreen with a dab of Makeup Forever HD Foundation, then put on my Face Stockholm Highlighter as blush, curl my eyelashes and put on some mascara from Chantecaille. If I’m not working that day, I don’t wear any makeup.

Next up is coffee. In the summer, I make my own iced coffee with coconut creamer which is delicious, but I also love the awesome coffee shops in my neighborhood like Abraço and Mud. I usually pick up breakfast (Pret-A-Manger is a go-to), like eggs and avocado on a roll too.

After I grab a coffee, I walk to class at the ABT studio. Sometimes I’ll listen to music or a podcast on my headphones during the walk. Warming up with ballet class is how we start everyday at ABT, and probably my most important ritual because it gets my body and mind in tune and ready to go for the rest of the day – like a daily meditation and workout all in one.

My morning routine has become more streamlined over the course of my career. When I first moved to New York as a teenager, it would take me forever to put together an elaborate outfit in the morning. Now I just grab jeans and a t-shirt, and call it a day. I’m not a morning person, so the faster I can get everything over with in the morning the better!

5 thoughts on “Ballerina Isabella Boylston’s Morning Routine

  1. Wen I was young I loved to learne ballet but my parents were dead en was in the houase of family and they voorbitted me to go to the conservatorium.Very tim later I’m 80 year I was in stidy site long for singing by the mezzo soprano Chanta Dusbarry and she sow en listeing my voice and sh said you hav a musical sound and I’m Tenor now. (Classic)

  2. a professional figure slater..i go outside for 40minutes and to 3000 reveltio s in my hot..wearher doesnt bother me.

  3. Very interesting to hear what is in a ballerina’s routine. If it works for her, it must be good advice.

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