Saffron Burrows

Photographed by Danielle Kosann

We’re big Mozart in the Jungle fans, and with the latest season out this weekend (we’ll definitely be binge-watching) we decided to throw back to our interview with one of its stars, the beautiful Saffron Burrows…

We’ve been stunned by stunner Saffron Burrows since Troy, The Bank Job, and Law and Order…basically everything she has been in, come to that. That’s why when Amazon’s newest hit – Mozart In The Jungle – released it’s second season last week, we figured it was high time to catch up with Burrows on beauty secrets, food mainstays and where in the world she works out. Because in the words of Tina Fey, ‘we want to go to there.’

From start to finish what would be your ideal food day?  

For breakfast, eggs, mushrooms, hot buttered toast, porridge, half a grapefruit, and rooibos chai tea. For lunch, chicken vegetable soup, salami, olives, and Midnight Moon goat cheese. For supper, beef and pasta with vegetable sauce or pasta with pesto.

What are your morning and nightly beauty regimens?

In the morning, I clean my face in the shower with Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel, moisturize with Longue Vie Guinot.

In the evening, I cleanse with the same cleanser as morning, and use Lancome Bi-Facil to remove eye makeup if needed, then moisturize with Thibiant night cream.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I eat organically as much as possible. I try to work out twice a week, which can veer towards nothing at all for weeks, and then a burst of activity. When in cities that are conducive to walking, I like to walk everywhere…and eat frequently, for ongoing energy.

Advice to women looking to kick off a healthy eating regimen in the new year…

Turn off any inner voice that is a detractor. Nourish yourself.

Advice to women looking to kick off a new workout routine in the new year…

I’ve found walking seems to help thoughts develop in a good way, and lifts spirits. Find out what suits your body and embrace it.

A beauty mainstay that hasn’t changed since your teen years…

I’ve always drunk lots of water, and now I stay out of the sun (I wish I had in my teens…).

What products are always in your bag?

Dr Hauschka lip balm, hand cream, a bunch of lipsticks…I just discovered a non toxic makeup brand I like called Gabriel. I hope that is the way forward for all skin care.

How do you keep your skin feeling fresh while traveling? 

Free of makeup seems best.

Best and worst foods/drinks for skin and hair…

Best: Water

Worst: Overly processed food and sugar

Words to yourself upon looking in the mirror in the morning…

Usually listening to the radio, working out what I’m doing that day, generally rushing and attempting to push tiredness to one side.

Where do you go to pamper yourself? 

A hotel with a big bath in it.

What’s the new potato in beauty? 

Whatever you want it to be.

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