Does February Make You Numb?

Misery loves company, or so they say, and I feel in February the somewhat grumpier version of  myself likes to know that others are somewhat miserable about this weird middle-of-everything -cold-weather-month too.

In general I feel like February makes me far too aware of time and space. I count the days of the week like clockwork and notice much too closely when it’s only Thursday versus Friday and even worse: When I wake up on Tuesday thinking it’s Wednesday only to come to realize it’s Tuesday. #TheStruggleIsReal.

This is not to say I don’t love my job: I do love it. But you can love your job and still have that seasonal illness that comes with January and February. Especially in moments when you try to be optimistic and say spring is soon, and people respond with “March will still be freezing!” That never helps.

(The Los Angeles and Miami peeps are chuckling right now to themselves: Do you still have January and February scaries when you live in California or Florida? Inquiring minds would like to know.)

Anyways, I digress.

What’s worse about February is that it often can have the effect of making me feel a bit numb. I think I do best when I’m on the precipice of a new season, or in a timeframe that invokes seasonal fever. If you think about it, January or February are the only months that don’t fall into those two categories.

Let’s start with March and April: Both are on the precipice of spring, April then also invokes the seasonal fever of spring. As does May, which is also on the precipice of summer. Then forget June, July and August: The summer fever is real. September has that crispness that means the beginning of fall. And come October I’m basically drunk on autumn. November and December are holiday fever galore.

So as I said, it’s really January and February that I have a love/hate relationship with.

Do you feel the same? I’d love to have you share, as it feels good to have Potatohead comrades in these cold middle-months…

34 thoughts on “Does February Make You Numb?

    1. I basically agree with you but find March to be the most difficult month as its when you EXPECT spring and are dog tired if winter but (at least in northern New England) you are looking at a month of damp cold gray days. At least January and February have some spectacular blue sky snowscapes to add beauty to our lives!

    2. I live on Victoria harbour in Ontario. we have lots of snow which I love get to go skiing in my back yard and snowshoeing in my back yard. cannot ask for more. love the winters here. Cannot ask for more.

    3. For me February and March are awful, so grumpy and irritable that I can’t even stand myself. There is comfort knowing that I’m not the only one who dreads this time of year. Thanks for sharing

  1. Up here in the Pacific Northwest , Whidbey Island , we have had over 8 in. of Rain in Jan. Alone …. Feb. is trying really hard to keep up !!
    Thats why Starbucks does soooo well here !! We need our Coffee buzz to keep us going !!
    Plus , we have very Huge Douglas Firs that reach 150 – 200 ft. Tall , Due to ” All ” our rain ! Life is wonderful here though !!
    We learn to go with the Flow … XO’s.

  2. I don’t know that I hate it…but it does make me sad…for me the focus is the “love” month when so much time and effort is spent on selling couples the perfect romantic gift. I would love to see retailers focus on all types of love…not just the traditional.

  3. I love winter. I view it as a lazy time of rest. Think of the heat and humidity of July and August and enjoy what we have now.

  4. I know how you feel but I am a seasonal person, love Winter and the chance to burrow in quietly, light lots of luscious candles and use my slow-cooker non-stop, the good thing is I know it will end soon enough and the year will move full speed ahead! I treat myself a lot during these months!

  5. The Winter blues in its finest! I said the very same thing last night to a friend about how much I despise these two months. After a whirlwind of Holiday events beginning with Thanksgiving thru the New Year and now this lull before Spring. Which by the way, seems an eternity away.
    What does one do? I’ve joined a book club, yoga classes, exercise at the gym 3 days a week — but I need sunshine and warmth that a tanning salon can’t give me, with the added fact, my finances preclude me from traveling to warmer areas in the county. I don’t have any answers except to tough it out knowing that when the crocuses bloom and the lilac smell is in the air, that the coming months leading to the the glorified summer is deeply appreciated .

  6. I HATE FEBRUARY TOO! The worst part is the ’28 day lie’! Everyone says, it’s a short month, it passes quickly’… LIES! It’s only a couple of days less, one on a leap year, but because it sucks so much I’m waiting for it to end which of course makes it seemingly NEVER END! The days drag by as we drag our asses through the the dirty nasty snow and try not to slip on the accumulated layers of ice underneath it, just like the layers of hate I have in my soul for February. Bears have the right idea, I wish I could just sleep through it… eat all the Christmas treats and get fat, go to sleep and wake up skinny and ready for spring! LOL.

  7. I feel the same way and was just talking to a friend this morning about it. January for me is a catch-up month and I enjoy candles, soups sweater, and all the cozy things.. But by Feb I NEED to get away and be out of snow boots and layers..even if only for a bit. March is long, but our spring break (last one this year) gives us a chance to get away. February is by far the hardest month for me….no yoga, social events, or wine can keep me perky. I’m just a girl that likes sandals on my feet 🙂

    1. Agree with you re. January. It’s like January is this getting back into things high, and then February comes and you’re in a weird middle place! Spring can’t come soon enough.

  8. Living in the midwest, this describes exactly how I feel every year! I don’t mind and even enjoy the winter until about the first week of January and then I’m over it. January and February are somewhat miserable for me, and I typically experience more stress and anxiety during these months. One of the hardest things for me is the shorter days (less sunlight) and less opportunity to get outside during the day. A few things I have found that help a little, are reminding myself that we get about an extra minute of daylight each day during these months. By the end of January it’s no longer completely dark when I leave work, which helps remind me that spring is on the way. I also try to keep busy which helps the time go faster. February is always a very busy month for me at work, and I try to plan things to look forward to so the month doesn’t drag on as much. By March 1st, I don’t care if it’s still cold and we’re still getting snow – in my head it’s spring!

  9. I love to use this time of year to try to see every movie up for an academy award..which can be daunting but fun. It’s an “inside sport” that you can do with your besties and maybe go a step further and have an academy awards party. Then there is Mardi Gras..and let’s not forget Valentines Day. Love, love to dress in something red with heart jewelry and go out for a cosmo. I call them “Cupid Cosmos” and go off my winter diet…why not? All of these things help me fight the winter blues?

    1. So funny eileen, I’ve been doing the same thing this year and it really helps. I find seeing all the different movies up helps inspiration and gets the creativity flowing at a time it usually doesn’t!

  10. You forget, February is the month of love. You don’t need a partner.. Love yourself, love your family, love your friends, love the planet. Love life!! I live in New York and I agree, it is difficult for sure. I attempt each year to embrace the winter season more. It’s not my favorite. Also, I agree with pretty much all you said regarding the other seasons/months.

  11. I SO agree. I live in WA state and it’s cold and grey which definitely doesn’t motivate me. I find that when I am cold I literally want to do nothing but sit there and get warm so bye bye certain trips to the gym or even putting on makeup some morning before work. Jan-Feb me is not my best self!

  12. Yes I’m glad you brought this up as it spoke to me immediately. I always call it the post holiday blues along with birthday Valentine’s blues. I don’t ever get this way except for this time. You’re right us Cali’s don’t have a drastic season change but we feel the difference too. Especially if you’re sensitive to energy and take in everything around you. It was nice to read that others feel the same at this time. Been trying to shake it away but been struggling a bit so will just embrace this time of numb funk. I do enjoy the shortness of Feb versus long Jan. These seem like the months to temporary relocate to New Orleans or Cancun.

  13. I live on the west side of Michigan and we almost never see the sun during February and we get lake effect snow constantly. I have spent the last week being angry!! Everything takes longer to do from putting on the clothes to survive the below freezing temperatures to taking the recyclables to the station. Roads are scary and I want to snuggle under a soft throw and read until it all goes away.

  14. I feel the same way and I though I was the only one with that same weird feeling . I’m not alone ! Can’t wait to plant my garden !!

  15. So much yes to this!! It’s this time of year that makes my skin crawl a bit and I’m trying every gratitude, mindfulness and PMA practice there is to keep me sane and connected. I naturally want to burrow and hibernate but end up feeling so guilty because of it. The struggle is real in February :/

  16. Los Angeles dweller here and I still get seasonal scaries in January. The sunshine does help, but there’s still that feeling that the magic of the holidays is over and we’re just back to normal routine now. By February I’m in a better place though. Plus, it’s my birthday month, so something to look forward to! And by March we’re in full blown spring/summer here, so smooth sailing from that month on.

  17. i definitely feel the same, and i’m glad to know i’m not alone. in january i can ride the wave of new year’s motivation, but once february hits, it starts to feel like winter will never end. even worse when we catch a glimpse of spring and then get hit with a snowstorm. weather impacts my mood 100%!

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