Behind The Scenes With Lester Holt

Shot by Laura Kosann

If anyone can make breakfast sound like the most important news of the day, it’s Lester Holt. Check out the video above and read Lester Holt’s full interview here.

*Shot at Sant Ambroeus West Village in New York, NY

3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes With Lester Holt

  1. I like your new format so much, and I thought this video was beautiful (the lighting, the setting, the food), just overdone (too many cuts of the same thing, too many superfluous touches, like the text, the beeps, etc.). I think it would’ve been more engaging and more impactful if it had been super short and if it contained only the best footage–like, 20 seconds total, or whatever it takes to show the following: just one quick, compelling cut each of Lester,, the setting, and the food, and then only the best/most compelling take of Lester announcing “what’s for breakfast.”

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