Our No Scrolling Reading List, Issue #13

You’ve seen our #NoScrolling man; he’s there to warn you when you’re mindlessly scrolling through a feature at the speed of a Snapchat, encouraging you to back up because you might be missing something. We know we’re not the only ones out there producing content worth your while, which is why every Saturday, we’ll curate a #NoScrolling reading list. Just like our favorite classic movies or the restaurants we’re regulars at, they’ll be content we want to consume then come back to (maybe even multiple times over!)…

If you haven’t read Selma Hayek’s op-ed in the New York Times titled Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too, you need to.

The New York Times quite frankly rocked it last weekend, Laura was obsessed with this profile from Maureen Dowd about the documentary legend Sheila Nevins who’s been helming HBO Documentary Films for 38 years and is now retiring.


Speaking of Sheila Nevins we just picked up her book – You Don’t Look Your Age…And Other Fairy Talesand have already cracked up laughing ten times upon reading the first ten pages. She is so funny and talented.

Speaking of talents, Danielle is a big fan of photographer Petra Collins, and insists you check out her first monograph from Rizzoli.

We can’t get enough of the the new issue of Cabana. If you haven’t read it, it will make your holiday weekend even more delightful.

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