Your December Horoscope

It wouldn’t be 2017 if the year didn’t end with a flurry of cosmic commotion—and here it comes, Aries. December is action-packed from the jump, and not just because of the holidays. This is all happening against the backdrop of Sagittarius season, as the Sun visits the Archer’s court until December 21. With el Sol in your optimistic and expansive ninth house, you’ll have the emotional stamina to juggle it all. You might even enjoy the quickened pace, since your sign thinks best on your hooves. Truly, Aries, there’s a lot of opportunity swirling about now—and it’s coming in a concentrated dose! Read your full horoscope here!

A year like this one doesn’t go out quietly—and indeed, December is bookended with a rush of cosmic commotion. This year’s holiday season is celestial cinema. And since it’s happening during Sagittarius season, which lasts through December 21, you might just want to dim the lights and watch the show quietly. Sagittarius rules your privacy-seeking eighth house, which is all about secrets, mergers and intimate bonds. You could be working intensely on a project that requires extreme focus and behind-the-scenes work. Oh, and that “project” could be a relationship or a sexy new love interest that’s got you a little fixated! While everyone else is making the party rounds, you’re in the mood for intense one-on-one encounters, where you can go deep. Read your full horoscope here!

Gear up, Gemini: A change-filled year will wrap up with another wave of celestial action, as the stars shift and shuffle about. Luckily, you’ll be navigating it in good company. This December, you’ll spend a lot of time evaluating your relationships and getting crystal-clear about who belongs in the Gemini inner circle. The Sun is making its annual rounds through Sagittarius (until December 21), then Capricorn—the rulers of your committed-relationship and intimacy houses. Give your closest connections the time they deserve. And maybe move the less important people back a few squares on the board. Read your full horoscope here!

So much for 2017 going gently into the good night! From start to finish, December is one bustling month in the stars. And with the Sagittarius Sun heating up your administrative sixth house until December 21, you could be juggling a LOT before the calendar turns. All those lingering tasks and unfinished odds and ends can quickly become your responsibility. Keep that caretaking urge in check, Cancer. You deserve a vacation, too, and if word gets out that you’re the most capable person around, others could be quick to dump their duties on you. Read your full horoscope here!

Get ready for action, Leo. There’s SO much going on in the stars this December that you’ll stay constantly on the move. From your social life to your family life to your love life, there’s cosmic activity in every realm. Luckily, the stars are mostly in sync with the holiday spirit in the first part of the month. The Sun is sashaying through Sagittarius and your celebratory, expressive fifth house until December 21, giving you an extra shot of joie de vivre. Romance could also be on the agenda, along with some much-needed fun. Make the rounds of seasonal parties and consider hosting one yourself. Read your full horoscope here!

Home is where your heart is this month, but the rest of you could be all over the map! The year ends with a hubbub of cosmic activity, and a lot of it happens all at once. Before you slide your weary dogs into those furry slippers, you might need to make a few costume changes. Still, you’ll want to take time to relax when you can. The Sun is visiting Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house until December 21­—a cozy time when you’ll be inspired by the holiday Spotify stations and in the mood for crafty DIY gift-making. Even though the season seems to start a little earlier every year, the magic really does happen before the actual family get-togethers (and all those outsize personalities in one small room). It’s all part of the fantasy, right, Virgo? Read your full horoscope here!

A bustling end of 2017 is here—and you’re ready for it! The stars will rival the holiday season for hustle and bustle this month. Luckily, the Sun is spinning through Sagittarius and your social third house until December 21, helping you navigate the whirlwind of parties, work duties, meetings and vacation planning. With el Sol in this synergistic sector, team up to turn obligations into fun group efforts. Delegating can be a lifesaver! Read your full horoscope here!

Stay grounded, Scorpio—as best as you can. The last month of 2017 is one of the year’s most dynamic, featuring blasts of cosmic activity that feel as frenzied as the holiday season itself. You’re not a sign that likes to be caught unprepared, and there will be a few curveballs to field. Luckily, the Sun is making its annual sojourn through Sagittarius and your stabilizing second house until December 21. You’ll have plenty of mundane matters to keep your feet planted on terra firma—and you may be grateful for a few simple distractions, like a “boring” task that allows you to stay out of a pre-holiday family feud. (Who cares which auntie makes the mashed potatoes?! You’ve got a report due, thanks.) Read your full horoscope here!

Your birthday season is an active time in the stars this year. The planets are moving and shaking in December, and you’ll feel their shifts more than any sign. (Don’t worry—this is mostly good news!) With the Sun in Sagittarius until December 21, you’re feeling energized and up for just about anything the cosmos throws your way. Read your full horoscope here!

Pace yourself, Capricorn. December’s stars are chockablock with activity, but it will take you a minute (or a couple of days) to catch up. The Sun is creeping through Sagittarius and your twelfth house of rest, fantasy and closure until December 21, making this a good time to tie up loose ends before your birthday season begins. It’s okay if you don’t have the energy to rally for every last cocktail party and holiday trunk show. Be choosy about your RSVPs—and say “yes” to the ones that matter most! Read your full horoscope here!

You’re in your social element as December begins—right on track for the most festive time of year. With the Sun soaring through your eleventh house of group activity and networking, this is sure to be a lighthearted time that will put you in the path of some fascinating figures. And since this is one of the busiest cosmic months of the year, the stars will give you plenty to talk about! Read your full horoscope here!

Order in the Pisces court? Well, you can TRY to establish some this month, but it will be quite a challenge. The Sun is parading through Sagittarius until December 21, heating up your tenth house of structure and ambition. You’re on a mission to hit a few key milestones before the year is through. And whatever semblance of a Type A personality you have will probably make a guest appearance. Read your full horoscope here!

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