Is There A Bright Side Of Bad News?

My Potatoheads: The news of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement this week made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve woken up to a positive news item. Think about it. When was the last time you woke up to news that you were happy about?

I feel like I’ve actually become a less informed person since last November, because I opt for frustratingly shutting off the news rather than watching it through (it’s no excuse, I know). I selfishly never want to start my morning with it, because it’s simply all bad. But upon waking up to the Royal Family celebrating love, and rumors abounding over when, where and what this royal wedding would be: I realized just how starved I’ve been — how starved we’ve all been — for good news of late.

Usually not one to take a “glass half full” approach, I uncharacteristically started to think about whether or not there were any good things that have come from the bad news being dropped on us by the metric ton…

I think all of the bad news this year, and the people that cause it, has spurred on movements like the #MeToo movement. I heard someone say on the news this morning that perhaps with a different President, people wouldn’t have come forward. It might have never happened.

I think all of the bad news this year has made me a less complacent person when it comes to looking at what’s wrong with the world. It’s made me less neutral, less tolerant of what’s offensive, and more passionate all around; something it’s done for all of us I think.

I think all of the bad news this year has actually made me a person who appreciates what some might perceive as “basic” or “cliché” or “cheesy” far more than before. Far more than before the world seemed to be coming to an end. It’s these pleasures that have actually made my work week calmer, and more enjoyable.

I think all of the bad news this year has made me grateful for the people in my life who move me forward not backwards. Who lift me up, rather than stymy me. I used to have more patience for the toxic: I don’t anymore.

I think all of the bad news this year has made me a nicer person in my every day. That can mean something as simple as looking a stranger in the eye and smiling when they ask for directions, rather than briskly answering and walking away. I think more of us are doing this lately, and it has a Pay It Forward effect.

I think all of the bad news this year has made me believe in Karma more, because there’s a lot of people I’m angry at.

I think all of the bad news this year has made all of us more creative in a sense, because we are all constantly pushing ourselves on how to express ourselves and get messages across that need to be heard.

It may seem awful to look at the bright side of bad news, but after a year of only deriving anger from it: It seemed time to draw a different hypothesis. Even if just for twenty minutes of one’s day.

Can you see the bright side of bad news? What has it done for you this year? I’d like to know.

20 thoughts on “Is There A Bright Side Of Bad News?

    1. Yes, I would like to know as well; I live near DC and I would really appreciate hearing how the rest of the Country sees him.

    2. When you read or hear about something that happens that is not positive, it seems to remind us that what ever is going on in our own lives, is not as bad as we thought it was! Gratitude is an amazing attitude to send out into the universe every day. It’s great this newly engaged royal couple can share their happiness with us,as the world needs happy right now!

    3. I agree completely! I just needed to hear someone else say it to realize that this is something I have been dealing with for months. It is worse than I have ever seen it in my lifetime. And I am 79 years old!

  1. definitely agree that positive things can and do come from ‘bad’ news. Negative news, violent news, unfair news….it all opens up a dialogue in your mind….you can’t avoid the news by refusing to listen to it. And you can’t avoid the dialogue within. The question might truly be: “what will *I* do in action/reaction to this news? “. You have provided a beautiful answer to how The Bad might be turned to an almost-silver cloud-lining. Brava.

  2. Well said. It is hard to remain positive with all the war and terror in the world. I agree watching the news doesn’t help. I don’t normally follow celebrities but now I understand why I have been enjoying the story of the Royals.

  3. I wake up every day and hope that the powers that be will have had enough of this very childish and ignorant President.
    Your article was great as always.

  4. I love this piece and I thank you for pointing out all of the good that comes from the bad. I have experienced the bad times and somehow there is good out there.
    By the way, I like that picture – makes me want to learn to walk more gracefully in heels!

    1. I am trying, honestly, trying to look at our country in a positive way. But, it so hard to do. Daily, that man says things that would shock and disappoint me coming from any average Joe. But, he is the president of the United States! It scares me that I walk amongst people who voted and actively campaigned for person that constantly spews hate in the way that he does. This is a country that use to represent fairness and acceptance. I feel fear and I am a white male. How must people of other race, religion or ethnicity feel. Many times the hatred is voiced by people who claim to be living a righteous and religious life. How can anyone see sunshine in this dark time? Thank you for this piece. It has helped realize that I am not alone.

  5. So timely. I have also been feeling stress and anxiety about what’s going on in the world. I don’t like the starvation, lack of support after natural disasters like the hurricanes, wars, deaths, tortures, mass consumerism and so much more that going on. I want to know that there is good in this world also.

  6. DITTO !!!!!!! There has been too much that has been covered up over the years by the DEMOCATIC party!!!
    What a farce —– and they have made KAZILLIONS!
    The WAKE UP CALL has been LONG overdue!!

  7. I am not trying to be condescending but one of the initial steps to enlightenment is freeing yourself of desires. So OK we know that’s not going to completely happen in today’s world for most of us but desires and expectations go hand in hand. And I believe that’s what you are doing as voiced in your post. My friends and contemporaries most of which are boomers express frustration with the world as well. True, you don’t steel yourself to the horror nor wear blinders, but lower your personal expectations of others but not yourself. And always be kind and polite. Karma is the long view. Your thoughts are spot on. Great advice. Nice photo.
    And I too Patricia would like to hear more on what your view of the world is.

  8. I do not intend on being condescending at all but the first step to enlightenment is to devoid yourself of wants and desires. Well we pretty much know that’s not going to happen in most of our lives but the initial move here is to lessen your expectation. We judge so much of others in our analytic minds. I tell my friends, most of whom are boomers, and my children to lessen your expectations of others but not of yourselves. I believe you are voicing this in your post and it’s spot on advice. And always be kind and polite. Karma is real but it’s the long view. Nice phot too.
    And Patricia I too would be interested in how you see the world.

  9. Loved your approach, but of course some folks don’t get the point and want to take it right down the drain! But thankfully the optimism of intelligence will prevail

  10. Awesome perspective on negative news.! Thanks for that. I too was devastated that The Electoral College chose to elect the press’s have but I agree it has brought to light the gender inequality that still exists.

  11. There is never really a bright side to bad news, however not everyone sees the same things as bad news. Some people would rejoice if North Korea were blown off the map. So people react to different news differently. My daughter was just given a sentence of life, for me that was terrible and unfair news, but for her attorney, the Judge and “Agent Secor of the FBI it was news worth celebrating.

  12. I agree completely! I just needed to hear someone else say it to realize that this is something I have been dealing with for months. It is worse than I have ever seen it in my lifetime. And I am 79 years old.

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