In The Editors’ Closets – Our Favorite Coats On Sale

Black Friday has come and gone, as has Cyber Monday, but the sales live on. We know we’re not the only ones out there shopping still, which is why in this edition of In The Editors’ Closets, we’re focused solely on finding the best coats at stellar prices. Just like our weekly #NoScrolling picks or the restaurants we’re regulars at, these are coats we’ll be buying during this week’s massive sales and know we’ll want to wear again and again all winter long. Drumroll please, here are our picks…

We’re donning this Max Mara longline coat to channel our inner Grace Kelly. We think she’d love it, no? Add in the fact that it is more than 30% off, and it fits perfectly in our, well, less than royal budget.

This Marni lilac coat is sure to brighten up dreary New York days. It’s light enough that we can wear it over sweaters or solo come March, so it’s an investment piece. Future you will thank us.

When we shared this Isabel Marant jacket on Instagram, so many of you told us you loved it. Heck, our associate editor even ordered it for herself. Now, it’s more than 40% off. That’s right, go buy it now.

Nothing says winter like a crisp pop of evergreen. This overcoat is the perfect shade; we’ll be wearing it Christmas morning and après-ski.

Full disclosure: we’re drawn to this coat because it looks like a robe, perfect for days when you want to stay in bed but have to drag yourself to work. The dove grey is also quite soothing, like a spa for the eyes.

In the movie in our heads, we frequently cast Sophia Loren as the main character. She wears this jacket and truly lives la dolce vita. Bonus: it’s under $250, so you can go out and get some dolce vita yourself.

Dark outerwear doesn’t always feel right.We know, we know: New Yorkers love black, but don’t you just want to reach for something bright every once in a while? This milennial-pink option is a seriously tempting alternative to our bombers jackets and leather.

Shearling is our favorite style for winter. It is somehow perfectly chic yet cozy and casual, and it will actually keep you warm. Get this stunner from Joseph before it’s sold-out.

It takes a bold woman to rock this Paul & Joe coat; orange isn’t for everyone. But if anyone has the confidence to don a citrus-hued garment, it’s you, our Potatoheads.

All of these options too much for you? No worries, we’ve got you covered; this classic pick is timeless. You could see it on everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Elle Macpherson.

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