How Much Should You Tip Your Doorman?

Tipping doormen is a New York time-honored holiday tradition, much like seeing the window displays at Barney’s or sipping a hot cocoa while watching the ice skaters. We value our doormen greatly, but figuring out what to tip them (especially in a new building) poses a challenge. That is why we’ve literally gone to the source for the answers: The doormen and porters themselves. We set out to find the average holiday tip for doormen and porters across the city. Read below to find out the average tip for doormen in your neighborhood, and never worry about how much to tip again…

“The average is $75 – 180, with around $20 – 40 for the porters.” – DUMBO Doorman

“About $75 – 100 per unit, but we sometimes get a nice bottle of wine instead.” – Flatiron Doorman

“Between $25 and $50, for the big holidays.” – Flatiron Porter

“It’s $50 – 150, we don’t have a porter, but we do have a maintenance staff. They get $5 – 20, per person.” – Lower East Side Doorman

“They send out a card to all of the tenants with the name of the concierge, so they know who to send extra to if they’d like. Otherwise, it’s usually $75 – 125.” – TriBeCa Doorman

“The average is $25, but sometimes, they give up to $100.” – TriBeCa Porter

“Doormen get about $100 – 125, porters get $20 – 40, and sometimes we get giftcards instead.” – Union Square Doorman

“The average is usually $200 – 500. I have often gotten much, much more and sometimes less. We don’t suggest an amount to tenants.” – Upper East Side Doorman

“We get $80 – 100, sometimes more or less. Again, we don’t suggest an amount.” – Upper East Side Porter

“Usually $200 – 250, $50 – 75 for the porter. There is a tip box in the lobby, and we do not send recommendations for tip amounts out to tenants.” – Upper West Side Doorman

“We get anywhere from $60 to $300. Porters get around $20, usually.” – West Village Doorman

“Tenants get a suggestion document: $100 – 150 for doormen, $50 – 75 for porters.” – Williamsburg Doorman

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