Our No Scrolling Reading List, Issue #9

You’ve seen our #NoScrolling man; he’s there to warn you when you’re mindlessly scrolling through a feature at the speed of a Snapchat, encouraging you to back up because you might be missing something. We know we’re not the only ones out there producing content worth your while, which is why every Saturday, we’ll curate a #NoScrolling reading list. Just like our favorite classic movies or the restaurants we’re regulars at, they’ll be content we want to consume then come back to (maybe even multiple times over!). Issue 9, coming at you…

Laura just discovered the print magazine Flaunt, which she’s really loving. Check out their Eternal Issue with features with TNP favorites like Bill Murray, Jacob Tremblay and Frederic Malle.

Winter cooking is all about turning on the oven, heating up your apartment, and making something hearty and delicious. That’s why The Year of Cozy  is our go-to for this season. Pro tip: Make the Breakfast Tacos for a stellar Christmas morning.

We’re always excited for the new issue of Vogue, which is out this week. It was even more enticing once we found out Meryl Streep was on the cover – not to mention it’s the 125th Anniversary Issue.

Catherine bought this – Patti Smith 1969 – 1976 – after rereading (and totally falling for, once again) Smith’s autobiography Just Kids. It provides the imagery to go with Smith’s beautifully written words.

Even books are on sale at Net-a-Porter this week; score a copy of Pradasphere (a look into Prada’s past and feature) for 40% off. It’ll make a great gift for fashion fans on your list.

Need to get a gift, say for a hostess or caffeine-enthusiast? Get this book and shaker set, for the matcha-obsessed.

It’s no secret that we love Eataly; it’s our go-to for anything and everything Italian, especially around the holidays. Can’t get to there in person? Danielle recommends picking up a copy of their newest book. It’s filled with the secrets to great Italian cooking, straight from the source.

If you’re a writer or editor, like us, The Elements of Style is like your bible — even if you’ve never read it, it’s still on your nightstand. Bonus points if you get the edition we love most, illustrated by the excellent Maira Kalman.

We just watched a favorite film of ours – To Kill A Mockingbird with Gregory Peck as Atticus – it made us want to read the book again. What better classic is there to curl up with on Thanksgiving weekend?

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