Meet The New Star of Dear Evan Hansen

Photographed by Danielle Kosann

Actor Noah Galvin is our kind of man; we sat down with him last year to discuss everything from the power of preventative aging to Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey. This week, he makes his Broadway debut in Dear Evan Hansen (a TNP favorite), so we decided to throw it back to our interview in NYC. Galvin revealed his favorite app is Seamless, and that he’d be a chef if he weren’t an actor. Read through below to learn more about this up-and-coming young talent; he’s our new, hot potato…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

I don’t think anyone has the stomach capacity to ACTUALLY achieve my ideal food journey. But if I somehow expanded my stomach, this is how it would go down (this all takes place in NYC): Wake up, eat a poppyseed bagel with cream cheese from Murray’s Bagels, then head to any bodega and snag a bacon, egg and cheese. Once space in my tummy opens up, head to the Upper West and savor a slice of Sal and Carmine’s pepperoni pizza. Next, head down to Pell Street for some midday dim sum (the most delicious soup dumplings are at Joe’s Shanghai – also their crispy beef is fire). Then I’d head uptown to Astor Place and get some ramen at Ippudo. After I’ve slurped my fill, I’d head to the West Village and go ham at Red Farm. Honestly, I’d get anything on their menu (but specifically, the Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll is lit AF). And then finally, if I’m feeling up to it, I’d hit up Bleecker St. Pizza for another slice. To finish the journey I would snag a Kit Kat, ‘cause who doesn’t enjoy breaking off a piece?

First thing you do in the morning? Last thing you do before going to sleep?

I wake up and check my phone. Before bed, I set my alarm and check my phone.

One item every guy should own…

A nice set of sheets!

What have you learned from playing Kenny, your character on The Real O’Neals?

Kenny and I both are very strong in our convictions, and both struggle with apologies. I like to think we’re learning to apologize together. Also, the power of a well thought-out hair journey.

What’s your favorite memory from filming so far?

My grandmother died not that long ago. I grew up in the world of musical theater, singing and dancing from a very young age. The day after my grandmother passed, I had to film a giant musical number on New York Street at the CBS Redford lot, which is studio lot with a ton of history. It was a wonderfully cathartic day of singing and dancing and paying homage to my very artistic grandmother who bestowed upon me and the rest of her grandchildren a thirst for all things creative. That was the most special day of filming for me.

What is your go-to lunch on set?

We order lunch on set everyday. If I could order the same thing everyday, it would be a chicken tarna plate from Zankou Chicken and Porto’s chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

How do you stay in shape? What are your go-to workouts?

I have a family of yoga teachers, I guess that’s how I stay in shape. Also, I came back from Thanksgiving break, saw myself on camera, and overnighted P90X. It’s not going great.

Favorite on-set snacks?

Our craft services peeps make an amazing curry chicken salad with wild rice.

The issue you feel most passionately about right now and why…

LGBT rights have been on my mind lately with the changing political climate. Our show does a lot for LGBT youth, and I want to continue the work we do on our show in my own life. I’m working on developing something to do just that.

The app you can’t live without…

Seamless. Can you tell I like food?

How do you get into character?

When I’m doing a play, I always like to take five to ten minutes to run through as much of the piece in my head as I can to get my head in the game. Doing TV, that process is sort of a given because of the forty-five minutes of hair and makeup that happens before you film.

What’s the best advice you ever received? The worst?

The best advice I ever got was from Julie Andrews. She told me to start moisturizing young. The worst advice was from my third grade teacher, who told me to always have a plan B.

If you weren’t already an actor, what career would you have aspired to?

I’ve said it a million times before: if I weren’t an actor I would be a chef. I spent a year of my life doing nothing (not even going to school) but watching the Food Network. I have a passion for Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey.

You swear you were X in a past life….and why?

I think I was a Madame in a past life. I’m very good with people and I’m mildly manipulative.

Your favorite thing to eat late night…

My favorite thing to do late night is to get home and craft something delicious out of the random leftovers in my fridge. I get very creative. My most successful concoction was a breakfast pizza at 3am.

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

New York and LA are my favorite food cities: Chinese food and pizza in New York. Japanese, Thai, and Mexican in LA.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s the new potato in music right now?

The new potato in music is my brother’s band Yoke Lore, my cousin’s band Show Me The Body, and my favorite female rapper at the moment, my friend Princess Nokia. If you haven’t heard any of these artists, you’re missing out. GO TO SPOTIFY AND LISTEN! Much bless.

5 thoughts on “Meet The New Star of Dear Evan Hansen

  1. Noah seems to be a thoughtful young actor. A fan of Ina, I’d like to follow up and get his 2 or 3 fave Ina recipes. As for Jeffrey, he enjoys eating, period.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I was in New York and saw Dear Evan Hansen and loved it. I’m sure Noah will do an awesome run with this show. I like that he shared a lot about what he likes to eat. Thanks for the links -I love to hear what people who live in New York like to eat there!

  3. This was a wonderful introduction to Noah Galvin, as someone who isn’t very familiar with him as an actor! Thank you for this inside scoop, and for wording questions and answers in an easy-to-read manner. The media included in this article, such as the photos, made this interview much more visual and easier to comprehend. Thank you for the valuable information!

  4. This was very informational, as someone who isn’t very familiar with Noah Galvin, I felt as if this really gave me an inside scoop on who he is as a person and actor. This article was written very well and in a very easy-to-read manner, in which the questions and answers were stated blatantly and I really enjoyed the reading. Thank you for this new found information!

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