Do You Feel Festive?

Am I the only person who feels absolutely festive about everything this month? I’m not trying to say I’m one of those people who’s already counting down to the 25-day countdown until Christmas (though would that be so bad?), but I certainly get a sort of holiday and fall fever come mid-November.

Without fail this time of year, I have a lot of trouble focusing, and there’s this sort of anticipation that only peaks that much more upon seeing gourds at farmer’s markets, Barbour jackets, and goblet-sized glasses of red wine.

While many of us cynics are trained to feel like we’re being “suckered” into cliches like pumpkin spiced lattes, holiday music and twinkly lights of any shape or size, I think it’s beyond important to embrace everything about this time of year. Especially at a time when it seems like bad news is thrown at us at an astounding rate.

That’s why the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack is already playing as my background music, when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

That’s why I’m attending a Friendsgiving this weekend and bringing a magnificent pie.

That’s why I’m currently sipping on a latte of the cinnamon persuasion.

That’s why I’ve watched more Harry Potter this week than I care to admit.

And that’s also most likely why I’ve been pontificating when I’ll technically be in the watch-Love-Actually-too-many-times-over time zone.

I say we embrace anything and everything about this season. I find as adults we sometimes complain our way through the holidays, rather than find the time to enjoy them. The tourists, the traffic, the music, the stressful retail business: The list goes on and on. As kids the holidays meant presents, food and vacation. Maybe we can still try to take even an element of that carefree approach. I know this year in particular, I won’t be encountering a fireplace, big sweater or whiskey cocktail I don’t immediately welcome with open arms.

What’s your mood and mode this time of year? Do you get fed up with the holiday noise, or plan to embrace it whole heartedly?

14 thoughts on “Do You Feel Festive?

  1. I agree totally with you and love the words you wrote about the season;. My Christmas decoration boxes arrive from storage today so I am ready for the tree delivery on Nov 27th! It is a short season and I love to enjoy it with out the rush of getting it all done. I am lucky

    1. Yes I absolutely love this time of the year, however I feel as if we have forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas! As humans we can celebrate and embrace this spirit of happy giving also spending money in which most of us don’t have , every day of our blessed lives

  2. I have been all-in since November 1st. Watched Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone, and Home Alone 2: Lost in NY. Brought my decorations out of storage. I think because this time of year can feel so BUSY, I want to savor the festivity for as long as possible! Xx

  3. Holidays are our elixirs. We each have to learn what to use to get the mix right. Learning that mix an celebrating with it is the key to creating your own special traditions. Then it’s easier to interlock with the exterior chaos of the season on your own terms because you have created and cultivated your own .

  4. Yes, embrace it! I love the holidays and everything it brings. In our crazy world we need the music, the sweet smells, warm drinks, etc.

  5. I love the holiday season. All the lights, music, aromas, festivities and overall cheer! However, this time of year should be about gratitude, giving and love. We should eliminate the material aspects and get back to basics.
    I say, MORE TINSEL!

  6. Loved the article. I feel the same way about this season. The season of giving. The anticipation of holiday music playing and all that goes with the season fosters such sweet memories for me. Remembering and feeling the treasured times from the past and creating the new memories with my family and friends gives me the most joy. My favorite recent memory that I am creating is helping at the homeless Christmas dinner at a city church. It is the best Christmas present I could ever give myself and this year, my 11 year old daughter wants to join me. It is in giving that we receive. So true.

  7. I embrace this time, thanksgiving, I’m thankful and grateful year round. Then Christmas ?, how dearly blessed are we all. But I also agree with the fact we all need to get back to the true meaning of these holidays. Get back to the basics, caring, showing love and teaching love, not running to the mall, and buying the most expensive thing we can find. The biggest present any of us has received, it’s called life, celebrate life.

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