Our No Scrolling Reading List, Issue #6

You’ve seen our #NoScrolling man; he’s there to warn you when you’re mindlessly scrolling through a feature at the speed of a Snapchat, encouraging you to back up because you might be missing something. We know we’re not the only ones out there producing content worth your while, which is why every Saturday, we’ll curate a #NoScrolling reading list. Just like our favorite classic movies or the restaurants we’re regulars at, they’ll be content we want to consume then come back to (maybe even multiple times over!). Issue 6, coming at you…

One of Danielle’s favorite photographers, Petra Collins, just released her first monograph. Collins is majorly inspirational, and her mission to empower women is one we can all support.

We raved about New York magazine’s 50th Anniversary Issue in last week’s No Scrolling, and we’re still obsessed with their celebratory content. They’re releasing an anniversary-edition book, and you know Laura will be ordering it.

Alison Roman’s new cookbook, Dining In, is officially Catherine’s go-to for the colder months. The recipes are simple without being boring, and the suggestion to use spicy honey? Life-changing.

The weekend is the perfect time to get lost in Matt Zoller’s The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest HotelHe takes you through the entire process, from conceptualization to filming to editing, with little personal notes throughout. It goes without saying that Anderson is a big influence for Laura and Danielle, and this book is essentially their dreams come true.

Catherine stumbled upon this book about the 1971 YSL collection while shopping for the perfect pair of ankle boots. (By the way, got any recommendations? She’s still hunting.) The designs – from square shoulders to sherpa collars – are back in a big way, and the book is a one stop shop for outfit inspiration.

Rizzoli’s Claudia Schiffer hardcover book is a collection of the supermodel’s most iconic fashion moments, curated by the icon herself. Enough said, right?

We’re pre-ordering the next issue of Cabana magazine, which is expensive but worth every penny. It is treasure trove for inspiration, and this limited edition was made in collaboration with Ralph Lauren.

Not in print, but still worth reading, this piece from The Cut detailing Jane Goodall’s morning routine is completely fascinating. Her message on the environment (and our role in protecting it) is one we all need to read this weekend.

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  1. I don’t know how I started getting this either, but I’m loving it. There have been a couple which are now in my keep/re-read often file. SO glad I didn’t delete as spam!

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