Your November Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins

In November, the puzzle pieces come together. From the investigative intensity of Scorpio season to a groundbreaking Saturn-Uranus trine on 11-11, a clear picture of 2017 could finally start to form.

As 2017 starts its outbound journey, life has gotten pretty surreal. This year has packed more plot twists, intrigue and shady dealings into a single calendar than the whole Real Housewives franchise combined. But where is it all leading? Is there a method to this madness? Could relief be in sight? Buckle up, because November could bring some clarity, both to our personal lives and the world stage. Find your sign below…

Into the depths you go! This is your annual month for introspection and reflection, as the Sun visits Scorpio and your private, intimate eighth house. You’re cocooning—and you’ll emerge with strengthened new wings soon enough. With el Sol in this hyper-focused part of your chart until November 21, the divine is in the details. Avoid scattering your energy. Tune out the background noise. You’ll make huge strides, both emotionally and professionally, by leaning in to a complex undertaking or building bonds with a tight inner circle.

This intensity is actually your “new normal,” Aries. Expansive Jupiter is visiting Scorpio for the next year (from October 10, 2017, to November 8, 2018, to be exact). You could soon be captivated by an all-consuming project, self-discovery work or the untangling of interpersonal knots. A joint financial venture could heat up. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Aries!

Come a little closer, Taurus. This month, the Sun is energizing the committed sectors of your chart, putting the emphasis on your most important bonds. Whether it’s with a romantic partner, friends or your colleagues, November helps you redraw boundaries and make sure everyone’s needs are being properly met.

Is there a balanced give-and-take in your relationships? Do you feel trusting and safe? These issues will come up for review now. The Sun is in your opposite sign of Scorpio until November 21, spotlighting your seventh house of partnerships. With expansive Jupiter also in Scorpio for the next 12 months, this is a huge moment to get your interpersonal affairs in order and welcome new collaborations. Be vocal if you’re looking for, say, a coder to turn your app idea into a viral sensation, or you want friends to set you up with their most eligible romantic prospects. Put it out to the hive mind and see what comes back! Read the rest of your horoscope here, Taurus!

Taking care of business! That’s what the stars have in store for you during this super-productive cycle. The Sun is in Scorpio until November 21, heating up your sixth house of efficiency, health and fitness. While the rest of the world is Googling the best hot toddy recipes and winding down the year, you’re tossing organic greens into the Vitamix and doubling down on your goals. Hey, that’s how Geminis like to roll. When everyone else goes left, you go right!

You’ve got some extra wind powering those efficient sails because expansive Jupiter has settled into Scorpio for the next 12 months. You could become a true wellness geek during this cycle. If you already are one, maybe you’ll become a more passionate and outspoken advocate for sustainable living and healthy practices. This Jupiter cycle will also change your work, whether you adopt new lifehacks, find a brand-new job or finally appreciate the power of delegating. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Gemini!

Get the festive spirit going early! The Sun is in Scorpio and your fifth house of fun, passion and joie de vivre until November 21. If you’re not the first one setting up decorations and playing holiday music, you’ll be busy gift shopping or nabbing tickets for shows and New Year’s Eve parties before they sell out.

This cozy season can also put you in the mood for love. With the Sun heating up your romantic fifth house, there will be lots of sizzling ways to keep warm—not to mention a few interested co-snugglers. The November 18 Scorpio new moon kicks off a fresh six-month chapter in your love life. Being authentic and open-hearted is key under this bold new moon, whether you’re getting to know someone or bringing back the love with your current partner. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Cancer!

It’s getting cozy at the Leo Inn! The Sun has slipped into Scorpio and your domestic fourth house, turning your attention to nesting and self-care. While el Sol is in this restorative zone until November 21, nurture yourself with home-cooked comfort food, family bonding and blissful solitude. Surely you’ve got a stack of books to devour or a fully loaded Netflix queue to empty.

Fresh starts around your home and family could also arrive this month. On November 18, the Scorpio new moon spotlights this same domestic part of your chart, turning your attention to matters that are close to your heart. Slow down and connect with loved ones instead of rushing around. Show your vulnerable side and get back in touch with your true feelings. The fourth house rules women, and at this new moon, a powerful and supportive female could open doors. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Leo!

And you’re off! You can’t stem the tide of ideas, conversations and a-ha moments this month, as the Sun sails through Scorpio and your communicative third house until November 21. After a hardworking October, you’ve earned the right to revel in lightheartedness. Enjoy this social season and regroup with friends. Get back to your hobbies and make a showing at your favorite local hotspots. If you’ve got a concept to pitch, this is a golden time, since el Sol gives you the gift of gab.

A great day to explore synergies arrives on November 18, when the Scorpio new moon sets off a creative six-month cycle. Conversations started today might take until next April to fully hatch, but this is your cosmic cue to start taking them from talk to action. You could meet someone who feels like a kindred spirit. Road-test your chemistry before rushing into anything too official, whether that’s a romance, a fast friendship or a work collaboration. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Virgo!

Settle in, Libra. Fall has been a whirlwind so far, with your birthday season last month AND Jupiter making a grand exit from your sign on October 10. Whew! You’ve been downshifting from an adventurous (but breakneck) pace to a more grounded groove. In November, you can settle into that more moderate rhythm. With the Sun visiting Scorpio and your stabilizing second house through November 21, it’s the perfect time to prioritize, streamline and pick which projects you’ll focus on for the remaining two (!) months of the year.

The second house rules work and money, so financial matters could come to the forefront. Holiday shopping season is upon us, and you’d be wise to get a budget in place so you don’t end up with a retail hangover—or worse, crushing debt. Edit your gifting list and start early. If you don’t have the funds to buy all 12 of your nieces and nephews presents, arrange for something that feels festive but doesn’t break the bank. Research shows that “convenience costs” really add up—for example, when you find yourself rushing for a last-minute Secret Santa gift and paying a premium to have it shipped overnight. Apply this kind of sensible advance planning to all travel, hosting and decorating ventures, and you might just have funds left over to treat YOURSELF to something sweet! Read the rest of your horoscope here, Libra!

Happy bonus-birthday season to YOU! Not only is the Sun in Scorpio until November 21, but lucky Jupiter is spending its first full month in your sign, lighting a fire under your personal projects and passions. You’ll have the expansive planet in your sign for a full 13 months—from October 10, 2017, until November 8, 2018—and that will kick off a new 12-year chapter of your life. (And it’s as major as it sounds.) If you haven’t felt Jupiter’s sprawling influence yet, its tandem trek with the Sun should get things into gear.

While the focus this month is largely on numero uno, there’s one day to depart from the me-first energy. That’s November 4, when the only Taurus full moon this year beams into your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. Your closest interpersonal ties are in the spotlight now. Is everything balanced between you, or is there something unsaid that needs to be aired? Read the rest of your horoscope here, Scorpio!

Stay in bed a little longer, Sag—it’s okay. As much as you want to get up and go early, you’re having a tough time rallying now. And with good reason: The Sun is making its annual slow-jam in Scorpio until November 21, activating your twelfth house of rest, endings and the subconscious. You’re processing a heap of emotions and possibly a transition: Simply put, you’re pooped! Even restless centaurs need to rest their hooves. Do it now so you’ll be ripe and ready for your birthday when Sagittarius season starts right after this!

It’s not that you’re lying around doing nothing, exactly. But most of your “work” is being done on an ethereal or energetic plane. Those extra hours of sleep—including vivid dreams—are your mind and body’s way of working through some heavy-duty issues that can’t be resolved with your thinking mind. Even when you’re awake, your meandering pace is actually leading you places. Follow the muse, your intuition and signs from the universe. You’re dialed in now, Sag, and you’re getting divine guidance that’s well worth following. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Sagittarius!

The future belongs to those who believe in themselves, Capricorn. Words to live by this month, as the Scorpio Sun soars through your forward-thinking and authentic eleventh house until November 21. Cutting-edge collaborations could take flight now, so start adding a few like-minded people to your tribe. This month, it really is about who you know—and you might need to remind yourself of that. Nurture your existing bonds AND go forge some new ones.

How about pausing for a little romance? On November 4, the year’s only Taurus full moon will illuminate your fifth house of passion, creativity and self-expression. Put duty aside and prioritize some much-needed playtime. A budding flirtation could turn into a full-blown love affair with all the chemistry la luna’s brewing today. Step out of team-player mode and claim the spotlight—it’s looking for you now! It’s okay to soak up the accolades; you’ve earned them. Watch for drama, as this full moon could unleash a tsunami of pent-up feelings and strong reactions. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Capricorn!

Countdown! The calendar might not be turning just yet, but you’ve got your eye on the ticker this month. The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Scorpio and your ambitious, goal-driven tenth house until November 21, getting you all fired up to meet your 2017 milestones. You’ve got no time for drama and nonsense, Aquarius: You’re on a mission, and the only way to go is up!

Putting in those long hours is smart, because the rest of the year will take on a highly social vibe after this. You won’t be quite as eager to “rise and grind” (unless we’re talking about your artisanal coffee beans, that is). So make your moves—especially at the November 18 Scorpio new moon. This annual lunation will kick off a fresh six-month cycle around your most aspirational plans. Draft up your 2018 resolutions today if you can, since you’ll start to see concrete results by the April 29, 2018, Scorpio FULL moon—if not sooner. Under this clear-eyed new moon, you’ll get inspired about the larger role you want to play in the world. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Aquarius!

Big and bold is just your speed this month, so unleash that Pisces power! The Sun is sailing through Scorpio and your visionary ninth house, putting you in the mood for expansion and adventure. You’ve got no time for small talk when you’re percolating with this much passion. Get reacquainted with your bucket list and add a few new items to it. Then get busy making plans to achieve some of these dreams. The November 18 Scorpio new moon is an ideal launch date, or at least the perfect time to get started on a grand plan. Between now and next April, you could see flourishing results from any leaps of faith you take now.

The ninth house rules travel, entrepreneurship, study and publishing. You’re hungry for new ideas and experiences—and eager to share the brilliant ideas that are pinging your brain at warp speed. Find a platform or use the one you’ve got, Pisces. And don’t feel like you have to do it alone. The Sun in this communal and cross-cultural sector heartily encourages you to team up with a diverse group of people. Don’t worry if it’s just a handful of you taking on a giant challenge. Before you know it, you could create a snowball effect. As the anthropologist Margaret Mead famously said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Read the rest of your horoscope here, Pisces!

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