Our No Scrolling Reading List, Issue #2

You’ve seen our #NoScrolling man; he’s there to warn you when you’re mindlessly scrolling through a feature at the speed of a Snapchat, encouraging you to back up because you might be missing something. We know we’re not the only ones out there producing content worth your while, which is why every Saturday, we’ll curate a #NoScrolling reading list. Just like our favorite classic movies or the restaurants we’re regulars at, they’ll be content we want to consume then come back to (maybe even multiple times over!). Volume 2, coming at you…

We’re always excited for the new issue of Porter, which is out this week. It was even more enticing once we found out Brie Larson was on the cover – not to mention it’s the women’s issue.

So much of Laura’s creative inspiration this month came from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, which is incredibly motivating, breaks down the creative genius, and encourages everyone to take the time and dedication to help creativity strike…

Danielle loves to revisit the short story, Here is New York a gem by E.B. White, over and over again. It is absolutely the perfect quick read for fall.

Catherine is enamored with the Simone Biles cover of the new Gentlewoman. This magazine is a TNP go-to, to say the least.

We’ve been big fans of Busy Philipps ever since we hung out with her over tacos and guacamole in Los Angeles. This New Yorker story about her was a favorite of ours this month!

Hold Still by Sally Mann is a great book for anyone into photography; Danielle always goes back to it when she needs a little inspiration.

We enjoy everything and anything Kate McKinnon does. And this shoot for Vanity Fair is no exception.

By all means move at a glacial pace when you’re reading…you might just like it. 

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