The Best Roast Chicken in Polaroids

A typical day at The New Potato office involves making hundreds of snap decisions: should this image be lightened just a tad? Does this Instagram caption adequately capture how much we really love Bemelmans? By the time we make it to dinner, our decision fatigue is at an all-time high; we’re full-on hangry monsters. We honor every part of dining out — the table, the ambience, the music, the cocktail menu — but some days? We just want a perfectly executed, easy-to-order meal. Whatever happened to the days of having a go-to order at your neighborhood restaurant?

Whenever we’re at a loss staring at a menu, we inevitably end up choosing the roast chicken. Comforting but never boring, roast chicken is the Bogart to our Bacall, the Fred to our Ginger. You know us: We’re suckers for the classics. The magic of dining out isn’t in molecular gastronomy or deconstruction; it’s in the details, in perfectly crisp skin or velvety sauce made from au jus pan drippings. We’ll always value a time-honored dish over a flash-in-the-pan trend. We pooled our sources, and created the ultimate list of the best roast chickens in the city. Don’t just take our word for it: we’ll let the Polaroids speak for themselves…

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