A Very Dry Martini With Chloë Sevigny

When we have thoughts…we often think in food bubbles. When we speak…we often speak in food-speech-balloons. Can you blame us? Sometimes the only way to explain a boring person, is to call them a “dry piece of toast” (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, we can’t take credit for it). Sometimes the only way to get through a boring meeting, or a long run, may just be to daydream about the thin-crust pizza that is your light at the end of the tunnel. The talent we get to speak to is no different. Sometimes our way of getting to know them is through food, which is why we’re now bringing you this column, Food For Thought. We chatted with the ever-unconventional actress, model and all-around fashion icon Chloë Sevigny. Turns out, she shares our penchant for a very dry vodka martini…

What is your ideal food day? 

Any day spent in New York is ideal enough for me to begin with. I suppose I’d start with breakfast with my friend Bill Strobeck at Cafe Mogador, Middle Eastern eggs scrambled with the Moroccan mint tea and then a sheesh hanging in Tompkins Square Park.

Lunch alone at the counter at Veselka – half a tuna salad sandwich and cup of split pea soup.

Dinner at Balthazar with my sweetheart, oysters and the Balthazar salad which is my favorite salad the world over – and worth the price – followed by a steak to share and a very dry Grey Goose martini with a twist.

What are you favorite cities for food? What are your favorite restaurants in each? 

I love going out to dinners in Paris, namely at Caviar Kaspia and London at J.Sheekey. Both are glamorous, indulgent treats.

What’s your drink?  

A very dry vodka martini with a twist, or a gin Gibson.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out? 

Low carbs, nothing fried, lots of fresh veggies, water, and eight hours of sleep

What’s your beauty mainstay?

Expensive highlights, Greatlash by Maybelline, and Rosebud Salve

Three items you’re coveting right now…

A new home, the perfect tool to mix Matcha tea with and the strength to drag myself to the gym.

What is your dream dinner party?

My dream dinner party would be having all my best girlfriends in New York at the same time – in my new house, which I don’t have – ordering in and playing some Ouija.


One Potato: Put 2 Oz vodka, a dash or two of dry vermouth, and ice into a martini shaker

Two Potato: Let the ice sit with the ingredients for about a minute, then shake for around 20-30 seconds

Three Potato: Strain it into a glass, then add the garnish of your choosing (olives, a twist of lemon, or a cocktail onion)

*Illustrations by Danielle Kosann

16 thoughts on “A Very Dry Martini With Chloë Sevigny

  1. Not to be overly Virgo, but since it is Virgo season and I can’t help but notice the details, I think you meant to say in One Potato to put the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, not a martini glass. Love you guys! Something I look forward to receiving in my inbox! Always fun and interesting. Thank you!

  2. The new format is so refreshing, Having something to look forward to everyday thats not overwhelming is such a delight! reminds me how much i have missed the times before every site jumped on that hampster wheel. Great job!

  3. I certainly don’t dare utter the words “grown up” but your new format is certainly appealing to my not in my 20s anymore sensibility. Sentences with no hashtags, women who have something to say, eye contact, and now The NEW New Potato!

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