Misty Copeland Drinks Prosecco with Dinner

We chatted with one of American Ballet Theatre’s star ballerinas, the very inspiring Misty Copeland, on everything lifestyle. You’re going to want to tune in on Copeland’s workouts, dance mantra and favorite foods…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

For breakfast, a fresh muffin or everything bagel with scallion cream cheese and iced coffee. Macadamia nuts, cashews, dried pineapple, grapes, and a couple of bottles of water throughout the day. A spinach salad with pecans, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and a vinaigrette dressing for lunch. Grilled salmon, roasted onions, carrots, and butternut squash with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper, and a glass of Prosecco for dinner. A peanut butter cookie for dessert.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I try to put clean ingredients into my body. I like to know what’s in the food I’m eating. I drink a ton of water. I give it things that will help it function to the best of its ability, since it is my instrument. The outside responds and follows suit to how it’s being treated internally.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

Proactive face wash and Oil of Olay moisturizer. That’s it. No makeup during my daily rehearsal schedule.

Three beauty products you can’t live without right now…

MAC spiked eyebrow pencilClinique chubby stick in cherry, and Ilia Polka Dot and Moonbeams highlighter.

Best foods to eat twenty-four hours pre-performance…

Something hearty. A veggie burger and salad, whole wheat pasta with shrimp, or sushi and a salad.

Foods you love to eat post-performance…

If I’m performing several times in a week during a performance season, I like to eat light after a show since it’s so late. Cheese and fruit with crackers or sashimi.


Pre and post show routines…

A shower and a walk. I like to walk home to start decompressing, so I can fall asleep. You’re on such a high after shows that it takes a while to calm down. A glass of wine helps too.

Best and worst foods for ballerinas…

Best: Bananas, Sqwincher sports drink, nuts, and pasta.

Worst: Potato chips and fried food.

What’s your splurge?

French fries, ice cream and cupcakes.

What’s always in your fridge?

Ketchup, butter, water and Prosecco.

Words to yourself upon waking up, and looking in the mirror in the morning…

It’s a new day. Another chance to be better.

Words to dance by…

I have the ability to refine my instrument no matter where I am because there are no outside objects needed. As a dancer, I have complete control over my instrument: my body.

Your style icon and why…

Nicole Richie because we have a similar frame and she dresses to compliment it. She’s funky but feminine and classic.

Your favorite NYC restaurants…

Ed’s Chowder HouseLandmarc, and Café Luxembourg.

What is ‘the new potato’ of ballet right now?

Ballet To The People

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