Le Creuset – The Little Black Dress of Cookware

Is there a ‘little black dress’ of the culinary world? Something timeless, versatile, accessible and long-lasting? Do you have something like that in your kitchen? If you’re thinking you do, you may be thinking of your Le Creuset pots and pans – because really, do they ever go out of style?

The answer is no, they don’t. Which is why we collaborated with the timeless brand to showcase their new MATTE collection, said to add style to one’s kitchen. Le Creuset has been bringing classic style to kitchens all over for almost a century, but we couldn’t really resist perusing the newest matte-finished line for our own personal delight.

Mineral Blue, Sisal and Cotton; this is the perfect trifecta of colors highlighted – so why not style a few meals in a few color schemes? A rustic dinner, a seaside picnic, a clean spring lunch…what’s the new potato? Right now it’s Le Creuset’s matte rainbow…

Featuring the Le Creuset Cotton Heritage 3 Ot. Square DishAu Gratin Dishand Large Utensil Crock

Featuring the Le Creuset Mineral Blue Rectangular CasserolePie Dish, and Au Gratin Dish

Featuring the Le Creuset Sisal 3.5 Qt. Braiser and Au Gratin Dish

*Sponsored by Le Creuset. 

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