4 Shortcuts To Perfectly Messy Hair

Why do we fight hair texture when it’s often responsible for that effortlessly undone look that leaves us pining to be like French girls or off-duty models? News flash: You can achieve the same beautiful messiness with the right product…and AG Hair is here to give it to you in four peony-covered bottles. Each one is aimed at enhancing texture – not fighting it – and celebrating the nuances of our different hair textures the same way we celebrate our individuality.

And why shouldn’t we? Our hair is as indicative of who we are as our clothing or accessories are, so shouldn’t we be giving it just as much thought? Below, there’s a styling agent for every type of look you can achieve, including one where you look like you’ve just stepped out of the oceanSmooth waves? A straight air dry? The faux mess? We’ve got you covered when it comes to perfect imperfectness…

*In collaboration with AG Hair

AG Hair Dry Wax: This is the quintessential model-off-duty look – that perfect medium between straight and wavy where you’ve achieved a crimped, faux-messy texture. Use it on straight hair that’s falling flat, or on hair after you’ve curled it to break up those shirley temple ringlets in the coolest way possible. Buy It Now

AG Hair Texture Gloss: Smooth waves…it’s a fine line between good curls and prom night curls, but this is the bottle that solves this perpetual dilemma. To achieve above, we used a 1.5 inch curling iron, then rubbed a dollop of texturizer through; great for both a nighttime look or a day at the office. Buy It Now

AG Hair Cleansing Cream: No time for a blow dry, but rather just an air dry? Look no further. This shampoo is more like a cream in that it makes your hair super smooth. Rub it in, rinse it out and either style your hair how you want to or tuck it behind your ears for a cool, wet look. Buy It Now

AG Hair Sea Spray: You’re nowhere near a beach but you want to look like you just came out of the ocean…or you’re actually on a beach and still need a little help. Enter this amazing sea spray. Apply it to damp, air-dried hair, scrunch it up a bit, and boom: There’s that effortless wavy texture. You know which one we mean. Buy It Now

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