How To Shuck An Oyster

Since oyster shucking is one of those life skills we all dream of having without accidentally cutting off a hand, we decided to learn how to actually do it. We’ve put in the research and are here to break it down for you in five easy-to-learn steps. Tip: If you don’t happen to have an rubber glove at home, use a dish towel to protect your hand and keep the oyster steady. Read the steps below; they’ll change your oyster habit forever…


1. Hold the oyster cupped side down in your hand and locate the hinge where top shell and bottom shell meet. Place the oyster knife in the hinge at a 45-degree angle, pushing and wiggling until knife is stuck.

2. When the knife is firmly in the hinge, twist and wiggle until oyster releases and the shell pops open.

3. Use the blade of the knife to cut the muscle, separating it from the top shell.


4. Scrape out any shell fragments and cut the muscle to release it from the bottom shell.

5. Add a squeeze of lemon, a dash of hot sauce, or a spoonful of mignonette, if desired, and enjoy!


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