Fall’s Hottest Wellness Trends

From Erika Bloom, Pilates Expert and Founder of Erika Bloom Pilates


Fall is the season of changes. Although we return from vacation and leave summer mode, we often reconnect with our friends and family and get back into our routines. That makes it the perfect time to establish new wellness practices. I also encourage my clients to focus on wellness in the fall so that they’re in a routine of making healthy choices come the holidays. As wellness awareness continues to grow, we have more and more options from which to create health, wellness, and beauty within ourselves. Here are my favorites wellness trends for fall.

The End of ‘Positive Thinking’: The principles of buddhism teach us that a healthy mental outlook includes living with and facing the entirety of our feelings, even the negative ones. That doesn’t mean to dwell in or indulge negative thought patterns, but it does mean don’t ignore your real feelings with a mask of positivity. Sitting quietly with your feelings or, when appropriate, processing the full range of valid emotions leads to better choices, more self-love, and lower stress resulting in an improvement in both physical and mental health.

Expansive Travel as the New Luxury Travel: gone are the days of lounging and indulging on vacation. Travel is now about exploring new life outlooks, challenging the edges of your boundaries, and pushing your mental and physical comfort levels. Think rock climbing, silent retreats, exploring other cultures from the inside out, days long hikes, and humanitarian volunteer vacations. You’ll find you’re getting great exercise and eating better in addition to having experiences that change how you look at the world and at yourself.

Meditation Dates: Late night drinks in a dirty bar? No, thank you. Couples are moving their dates on to the cushion and meditating together. It’s relationship building, increases intimacy and trust, and promotes healthy self-care habits within the structure of the relationship. Use an app like InScape, go to a meditation class, or simply sit in silence together.

Sound Healing through Vocal Toning: This practice has been used in many ancient traditions including hinduism and buddhism for thousands of years. We use it in modern Pilates to connect with the deep abdominals, diaphragm, and pelvic floor and to heal diastasis recti and digestive issues. It has wide reaching health benefits both physically and mentally. To begin this practice you might find a specific course, add vocalization of syllables to your meditation and breath practice, or simply improvise and vocalize during your workouts or any time of day.

Making Wellness a Family Matter: The first step in living a healthy life is making personal change.  But to truly achieve wellness, make it a part of your daily life by including those you share your life with. Gather your kids, friends, or family to pick vegetables from a farm and make a healthy meal, go on a hike, do sunrise yoga, and talk to each other in a healthy, open way about feelings.

Pelvic Floor Therapy Tools: We all read about the jade egg, but pelvic floor therapy has many effective tools. One of my favorites is the Elvie – a bluetooth device that you connect to your phone. A more functional pelvic floor isn’t just about sex; it affects posture, musculoskeletal injuries, breath, and digestion.

Intermittent Fasting: Juice fasting is out with the new info coming in on the great benefits of intermittent fasting. There are many ways to implement this method but, simply put, you will be fasting for a period of time usually recommended to be between 16 and 24 hours. Pick a part of the day to ingest nothing but water and add it on to the natural fasting that happens when you sleep to get your total. Studies have shown intermittent fasting to improve insulin sensitivity, cellular repair processes, and inflammation, among other things.  It’s important to consider your health history carefully in choosing to implement this method.

Sprouted Foods: The nutrients in foods may be more bioavailable when they sprout as well as that they may be easier to digest and have higher fiber and more enzymes. Look for sprouted almonds, sprouted corn tortillas, sprouted quinoa, sprouted pumpkin seed butters, or sprouted lentil salads.

Grain Free Flours: Gone are the days when just ‘gluten-free’ is enough. Alternative flours are going the way of grain free, high protein blends that keep blood sugar level for improved health. Options include garbanzo bean flour, almond flour, chia flour, cassava flour, and coconut flour.

Calming Herbs and Extracts: Where it was once all about stimulating supplements, we’re realizing that finding calm results in a more productive, continual focus. The added holistic health benefits of lower stress means better skin, deeper sleep, and improved digestion and immunity.  Look for mucuna puriens like in Sun Potion’s Amandamine, CBD like in CAP Beauty’s The Daily Hit, tulsi like in holy basil tea, or schisandra berries and ashwaganda like in Moon Juice Beauty Dust.

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