Our End-Of-Summer To Do List

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. We all know this isn’t true about New York City summers…or is it? Sure, you have the sweaty subways and serious anger instigated by overcrowded blocks, but there’s also the possibility of weekend restaurant reservations, city sunsets, lounging poolside. There’s lot to love about the city in the summer, and there’s still time to enjoy it! So don’t get jealous of your friends Instagramming their adventures upstate; instead, have your own fun-filled end of summer in NYC. Read our to-do list below…

1. Eat an ice cream cone with abandon.

We know, we know you’ve consciously uncoupled from dairy. But trust us nothing, and we mean nothing, is better than an old-fashioned waffle cone with sprinkles while strolling downtown.

2. Take a day trip.

Go to one of our favorites, Gurney’s Montauk. Cocktails, perfect beaches, a nightlife scene if you’re interested – seriously, it’s the epitome of summer.

3. Dress as if you’re going to Coachella. 

Let’s be real, sometimes you dress like this even for Sunday in Sheep Meadow. Wear as much tie die, flowers in your hair, henna tattoos, and paisley crop tops as you can, because come Tuesday they are no longer acceptable style choices.

4. Hashtag #SundayFunday this Sunday…

Because now that summer is over, the fact of the matter is Sunday is just Sunday.

5. Grill, rinse, repeat.

This weekend is your last chance to grill. So grill everything in sight except your iPhone.

6. Eat brunch outside, simply because you. fricking. can.

We don’t remember what mimosas taste like indoors…do you?

7. Take in a movie guaranteed not to get Oscar-buzz…

Because soon when you go to a movie, there’s a chance it will have some sort of intellectual purpose again (no offense if you thought Fantastic Four did).

8. Drink on a rooftop. In fact, drink on multiple rooftops of various shapes and sizes…

Whether it’s a skyscraper, a West Village low-rise, or a roof in Brooklyn that’s not technically supposed to have people on it, it’s your last chance for drinks with a view.

9. Drink every glass of rosé like it’s your last…

Because the fact that there are actual shortages of rosé in the summer means the drink all but pumps through our veins, and we need to soak it up for one more week.

10. Look out the window with your colleagues and complain about what a nice day it is…

Because come cold weather, you’re just that asshole on a deadline looking out the window.

– xoxo,

Your Potatoes