Your September Horoscope!

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins

Order is restored in September, with communication planet Mercury stationing direct, and the Sun, Mercury and Mars in orderly, analytical Virgo, the sign of the planner. But the end of the month could close out on an unpredictable note, with a tense Jupiter-Uranus opposition tempting us all to throw our hard-won progress away. Keep a cool head under this reactive finale.

A little post-eclipse stability for you, anyone? We don’t know about you, but August was every bit as unpredictable as the stars portended. After weathering two reality-shifting eclipses and Mercury retrograde, we’re ready to take off the sun-shielding glasses and leave terms like “path of totality” in the archives (at least until 2024).

Whether the eclipses gently tapped you or shook your world upside-down, the search for order begins. The Sun is making its annual visit to Virgo, the sign of systems, efficiency, health and fitness, until September 22. It aligns perfectly with back-to-school season, when we return to routines and schedules. Motivational Mars is also in Virgo from September 22 to October 5, spurring us to get life in order. We’ll be fired up to take care of our bodies, our ecosystem and our communities. Read your sign’s horoscope below!


Paging: Housekeeping! After the whirlwind of eclipses, retrogrades and cosmic curveballs that colored this August, your life might feel like a hotel suite after a touring rock band checks out. Granted, you might have thrown a few of those ragers yourself, Aries. But now, with the Sun in efficient Virgo and your orderly, health-conscious sixth house until September 22, you’re ready to clean up and put things back in their place. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Aries!


Summer ain’t over till it’s over—and you’re not ready to bid adieu to its ravishing rays just yet. Why should you go quietly into those chillier nights, Taurus? The Sun is lingering in Virgo and your festive, fun-loving fifth house until September 22, putting you in celebratory spirits. Blood-pumping Mars is also in Virgo from September 5 until October 22, prompting you to act boldly on your urges and desires. With your hedonistic tendencies dialed up by the red planet’s presence, you’re still in the mood for music festivals, sampling street food and squeezing in one last vacation. Forget sweater weather—slip into something sleek and glamorous. Then go hold court at your favorite watering hole or throw a little welcome-back fiesta for the friends you haven’t seen in a couple months. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Taurus!


Settle down into sweet domestic bliss? Well, it’s a nice idea—in theory. The Sun is making its annual rounds through Virgo and your homey, emotional fourth house until September 22, putting you in cozy, back-to-school spirits. You’re ready to curl up on the couch and binge-watch eagerly anticipated new episodes of your favorite series, to putter around the kitchen and whip up pumpkin-spice anything, and to slip a snuggly cable-knit over your head. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Gemini!


You’ve got something to say, Cancer, so pull up to the pulpit. The stars have got you thinking, brainstorming and talking a blue streak. From motivating messages to clarifying conversations, you’re eager to dive into dialogue. And you’ll find opportunities to connect with kindred spirits everywhere, from Twitter to the local tavern. September is an outgoing month for you, with the Sun paying its annual visit to Virgo and your social third house until September 22. It’s an excellent time for writing, networking and pitching your most brilliant concepts. Your mind is hungry for new information—and with school in session, you may want to take a class or get involved in an enriching community project. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Cancer!


Steady as she goes! You’re coming down from quite an epic summer, Leo. Not only was there a rare doubleheader of new moons in your sign (on July 23 and August 21), the entire world, along with the Internet, lost its damn mind chasing the spectacular Leo total solar eclipse last month. Regardless of whether you donned your paper glasses to watch the moon shade the Sun or hunkered indoors like the Native Americans and the ancients who feared the eclipse’s dramatic changes, no sign was more profoundly affected than yours. Its presence may or may not have made itself known yet, but this eclipse is ushering bold, breakout energy into your world. It’s time to claim your crown in an even prouder way than ever! Read the rest of your horoscope here, Leo!


Guess who’s back? It’s you, Virgo, emerging from a short-lived hibernation. The past few weeks have been a lot for your sensitive system to process—and not necessarily in a bad way. There’s been a ton of Leo energy, including two back-to-back Leo new moons (July 23 and August 21), the second of which was the epic total solar eclipse. For you, these lunations heralded both endings AND beginnings. Leo governs your twelfth house of healing, spirituality and closure, and hosting an eclipse here may have felt like a shamanic journey of sorts, complete with some major life transitions. You might have felt a profound sense of connection to greater universal forces or a deeper sense of your purpose. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Virgo!


Give yourself a minute, Libra. While others are rushing into back-to-school mode, you’ve got planetary permission to ease your way into autumn. The Sun is wending its way through Virgo and your twelfth house of rest, retreat and closure until September 22. You may still have unfinished business to handle or powerful emotions to process that require gentler handling. Maybe you’re not quite ready to emerge from dreamy vacation mode. Go ahead and take that road trip through a national park or escape to a yoga retreat. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Libra!


Step out and circulate, Scorpio. Despite your reputation as a behind-the-scenes type, the start of fall is always a social time for you. The Sun is making its annual rounds through Virgo and your eleventh house of group activity until September 22. Pop out and say hi to friends, work the circuit of fall gatherings and upload your best summer moments to social media. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Scorpio!


Set the bar high, Sagittarius. This is your month to start making dynamic and decisive moves. The Sun is having its annual power breakfast in Virgo until September 22, heating up your tenth house of career, ambition and public recognition. Unhook yourself from petty dramas and be rigorous about not sweating the small stuff. You have big plans to accomplish, and you can’t afford to veer off track! Read the rest of your horoscope here, Sagittarius!


Summer may officially be ending, but you’re just warming up. With the Sun making its annual rounds through Virgo and your expansive ninth house until September 22, you’re brimming with inspiration and possibility, eager to connect with a wider swath of the world. Motivational Mars is also here from September 5 to October 22, pumping you up to take a bold and inspiring risk. Some off-season travel could be just what the cosmos ordered, with el Sol in this globe-trotting zone of your chart. Bonus: You’ll avoid the obnoxious tourists, skip the crowds AND save money now that peak dates have passed. Sniff out deals even if it’s just for a weekend getaway. Can’t leave city limits? Attending a class, lecture or workshop could also sate your hunger for fresh perspectives. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Capricorn!


Privacy, please! The month gets off to an intense and focused start. The Sun is making its annual plunge into Virgo and your intimate, strategic eighth house. You may be consumed with an undertaking that requires a lot of mental or emotional energy, and by the end of the day, you’re spent! Instead of being the lively center of every group fiesta, you’re craving small and selective gatherings. It’s a very un-Aquarian energy, but no need to fight it. Solitary time in the cocoon, free from chatter and distractions, can be transformational. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Aquarius!


Relationships are the main theme this month, as the Sun, buoyed by other planetary players, makes its way through the most committed regions of your chart. El Sol will visit your opposite sign of Virgo until September 22, helping you balance the give-and-take in all of your closest connections. Whether you’re negotiating a contract, figuring out how to let a friendship evolve or investing your heart in a romantic situation, honest and open dialogue is the key. Read the rest of your horoscope here, Pisces!

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