5 Essential Oils Your Routine Is Missing

From Sara Panton, Founder of Vitruvi

From toning and tightening to brightening and smoothing, essential oils have been used for hundreds of years in beauty rituals that date back to ancient Egypt. These plant-based botanical extracts are potent and can easily be used to enhance your current beauty products, or work alongside them. Maybe knowing Nefertiti and Cleopatra were on board is motivation enough, but we’ve also gone ahead and shared a few oils that have become staples in our beauty routine. For a more plant-centric morning ritual that still delivers results, read on.

Frankincense Essential Oil

The complex, resinous aroma of frankincense oil has been used for centuries in ceremonies for relaxation and meditation, dating back to biblical times. Its natural properties, sap-like-origin and grounding base notes makes it a great addition to your skincare routine.

Apply 2 drops topically under your eyes and on the areas where crows feet would form to help prevent signs of wrinkles naturally.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Pink grapefruit oil is known for its uplifting and rejuvenating properties. The fresh aroma and concentration of vitamin C help brighten skin and make it a great cleaning alternative for makeup brushes.

Add 4 drops to your existing moisturizer or add 4 drops to 1 tbsp of jojoba oil for a brightening and completely natural face oil that creates a fresh glow.

Add 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil to a ½ cup of water. Soak and rinse your makeup brushes to disinfect them in a completely natural way, then let them air dry.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is an essential oil that most people associate with sleep and relaxation, but its natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, as well as gentle astringent property, make it a perfect spot treatment.

Add 1 drop of lavender oil to blemishes before bed—think of it as a more soothing, gentle version of tea tree oil. Plus, the aroma is always nice before drifting off to sleep.

For a fresh foot hydrator before bed, mix 2 tbsp of coconut oil and 4 drops of lavender oil, then massage into feet for a relaxing night time ritual.

Geranium Essential Oil

Uses of geranium essential oil date back to ancient Egypt, where Egyptian women used it to balance their skin and as a natural perfume. It helps give you glowing skin and hair—all while giving off a floral and slightly minty aroma that’s thought to help balance hormone-related skin conditions.

Combine 4 drops of geranium oil with 2 tbsp of carrier oil, like apricot kernel oil, for a balancing face oil that helps to soothe and neutralize hormonal changes in your skin.

Combine 7 drops of geranium oil with 4 drops of ylang ylang oil for an easy-to-use and effective eye oil.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

High-grade ylang ylang aroma is made for people who love flowers. This powdery yet exotic floral scent is known traditionally to help promote happy dreaming and is a bedtime essential oil that pairs well with lavender.

One of the most popular uses for ylang ylang is applying it to the skin in order to preserve a “youthful glow” and to help prevent signs of aging or irritation. Combine 1-2 drops with coconut or jojoba oil and massage it into the face before bed.

Add 2 drops to your current facial moisturizer for a balancing and toning treatment.

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