4 Ways To Use Highlighter

From Aim True Author and Yoga Instructor Kathryn Budig.

I would just like to personally thank my long lineage for passing on a decidedly family trait: dark circles under my eyes. Thats right, I have memories dating back to elementary school of kids asking me why I look so tired all the time. If you relate to that experience, or fall into the category of feeling puffy even after getting eight hours of sleep, try some of my favorite tips to de-puff and create a rested, natural looking glow! Read below for my full guide to using highlighter…

Grab your favorite highlighter (my favorites are Vapour Beautys Trick Stick Highlighter or Halo Illuminator and RMS Living Luminizer).

To open up your eyes:

Dab a small amount of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and right below your eyebrows on the brow bone. You can use a brush, or simply use your finger. Bonus tip: Use a flesh colored eye pencil and line the inside of your eyes to take away redness. This is an instant way to look awake!

To pop your cheek bones:

Apply highlighter along the high part of your cheekbone. Make sure to keep it directly on the bone, and not on the under eye. Using a compact bristled brush or your fingers, start on your cheekbone directly under the center of your eye and blend the highlighter up and out towards your temples. This adds instant drama to your cheekbones as well as a youthful dewiness.

To amplify your lips:

Dab a tiny amount of highlighter directly above the center of your top lip.

To look seriously ethereal:

Follow all of these tips and rub in a small amount on the center of your lids, as well as a light sweep over your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, and a pinch on your chin.

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