It’s Virgo Season!

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins 

Welcome to Virgo season: The Sun is in this healthy, order-seeking Sun sign from August 22-September 22, putting our focus on practical pursuits, self-awareness and getting things done.

Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” everyone feels the energy of this prevailing astrological energy, no matter what your Sun sign. Virgo is the second of the zodiac’s three earth signs and part of the “mutable” quality. Mutable signs (the others are GeminiSagittarius and Pisces) are adaptable, love variety and have endless suggestions for how to improve everything. Mutable signs are the editors of the zodiac, and during Virgo season, everyone’s keen eyes will spot any flaws and fixes that are needed. Caveat: With messenger Mercury, Virgo’s planetary guardian, spinning backward in retrograde motion until September 5, we could all find ourselves obsessing over the details for the first couple weeks of this fussy solar spell.

As we clean up the confetti and bid farewell to the fanfare of fiery Leo season, here’s how to capitalize on the efficient and analytical Virgo vibes through September 22.

1. Look for patterns, connect the dots.

Analytical and methodical Virgo loves to put a puzzle together. During Virgo season, we’re inspired to peek under the hood, take apart the engine and figure out how stuff works. Finding common threads is a Virgo specialty. So tinker around, whether you’re analyzing a project plan or—yourself! There’s real power in cooly observing how all the moving parts of your life work together. Do your Myers-Briggs personality test. (We’re fans of the website 16 Personalities, which has simplified it into easy-to-read, spot-on character profiles.) Learn your Numerology birth path number or read about your Chinese zodiac sign. Find out which of the 5 Love Languages you speak most fluently. Do a free birth chart. Go ahead, tumble down that rabbit hole of self-obsession a bit during Virgo season—in the name of knowing thyself!

2. Start a self-improvement project.

Virgo season inspires us to better ourselves and our lifestyles. Where could you bring more calm, purity and order to your world? Virgo time is all about healthy living. Squeeze some al fresco exercise into these last days of summer. Bike rides to the beach, yoga in the park, lap swims in a saltwater pool—fresh air does the body good. Listen to a guided meditation to stop your mind from spinning.

Just remember, Virgo is the zodiac’s perfectionist. You can slip into the comparison trap or never being satisfied. In our age of social media, there’s always a new app to keep up with (hello, Instagram stories and Facebook Live!), and endless opportunities to slip down the #FOMO rabbit hole. Counter this with the occasional digital detox and making daily gratitude lists. Cheesy as it might sound, starting your day tuning into what you’re thankful for can fend off Virgo season anxiety and restore your perspective.

3. Beware of “advice overload.”

Information overload is a risk during data-hungry Virgo season. Know when your brain is “full.” Stop opinion-polling all your friends or obsessively turning over the same topic. At a certain point, you can get SO many different perspectives that you end up more confused! Fend off analysis paralysis by tuning into your intuition. Virgo season lures us into our minds, which can leave us lost in our heads. Connecting to the water element through music, drawing, dancing, swimming, beach walks, baths and meditation will keep you out of the neurotic side of Virgo season. Remember the adage: Advice is what people ask for when they already know the answer but wish they didn’t. Trust yourself! At a certain point, there’s no “right” answer—you just have to DO it.

4. Get out in nature…and bring it inside, too.

In college, we had a Virgo friend, Todd, who was obsessed with trees. He geeked out identifying leaves and species by their Latin names. Soon he was collecting seed pods from the woodsy campus trails and planting them in small pots. By sophomore year, Todd’s dorm room looked like a greenhouse! It was a surprising improvement over the sterile, soulless quarters the rest of us lived in.

Green is the new black during Virgo season. With earthy Virgo ruling the skies, enjoy the summer harvest of fresh produce—all the better if it’s locally grown by independent farmers and rich with life-enhancing enzymes. If you’re a parent, check out The Dirt Cure for great ideas. There’s so much talk of clean eating—but what about clean breathing? Earthy Virgo, the woodland sprite of our zodiac, reminds us of the healing power of trees. Studies prove that trees have a host of benefits to our health, lifestyles and even our financial abundance. In fact, patients with a view of trees outside their hospital windows were shown to recover faster.

We all know that clean eating is awesome—so let’s add a side of clean breathing to that. Ramp up your plant-based decor at home and work. Check out The Jungalow’s  amazing ideas for styling interiors with air-purifying greenery.

5. Make some plans…then make some more.

Virgo is the sixth of the 12 signs of the zodiac, which begins its cycle late summer every year during Virgo season—which falls on or around August 22-September 22. We’ve reached the halfway point of the astrological calendar, a great time to look back at what we’ve accomplished—and to re-chart our course going forward.

Pull out your day planner, fire up iCal, download a productivity app. Ask yourself: Where might I do things more efficiently? Embrace the power of purity, sustainability and simplicity—such is the Virgo way. Get organized, set up savvy systems and make everything simpler with clever life hacks.

Define some reasonable goals you could accomplish. We’re fans of the book “Small Move, Big Change” which advises adopting “micro-resolutions”—little shifts that lead to a major snowball effect.

6. Stay off the soapbox.

Virgo season can bring out the preachy side of everyone. Suddenly, we know exactlywhat that friend or relative needs to do to make their life better. We have the perfect antidote to their troubles, or…do we? If you catch yourself grandstanding, stop and put the focus back on your own life. Nobody’s perfect—even if Virgo energy makes us strive for those lofty ideals.

7. Get verbal, geek out.

Verbal Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind. This is an excellent time to write, speak and share about your ideas. Engage in scintillating dialogue. Make a point of speaking up instead of keeping your opinion to yourself (well, within reason). And embrace your inner geek while you’re at it! Whatever you like to nerd out about, let the world know, loud and proud.

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