5 Apps That Help You Be Productive

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that summer is coming to a close, no matter how many beach getaways we plan or glasses of rosé we down. Much like the dreaded #SundayScaries, the end of summer has us feeling like we’re little kids prepping for the first day of school. Did we remember do our summer reading? Are all of our outfits in order?

Even if you’re Miss Put-Together-Extreme, we’re sure you can empathize with this feeling. Something about the impending start of fall makes us think we have to get everything organized, that we have to kick our productivity center into overdrive. Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered; stay tuned for a series of stories dedicated to getting your life back in order. First up? Five apps that will help simplify and organize your life. Seriously, they’re modern day lifesavers….


Basically the holy grail in restaurant recommendations, Salt is super-handy because it operates very personally. You can keep lists of places you’ve tried, organize by reservations or plan for a future event, and can even break down recommendations by dish or overall feel. The sharing feature makes it easy to pass great lists on to friends, and the map tool helps you visualize bookmarked spots in your area.


Think of this brand-new app as the perfect combination of Instagram and Goodreads. Once you create a profile, you’ll have a “stack” where you can track books you’ve read, are reading, and want to read. Big-time readers may want to share quotes blurbs, and reviews, but it’s equally good for passive users looking for inspo and an organized way to keep track of their “to read” list.


There are a few options out there for cleaning up unwelcome subscription emails, but when it comes to simplicity, graphics, and price (free), Unroll.me is the clear frontrunner. The service automatically shows you an inbox of your subscription emails, including a list of everywhere you’re subscribed


How it works: Scroll the app to see previews of constantly-rotating stationery by cool, young artists and illustrators. Type in the address and a note, and Punkpost will send a handwritten card to your friend, (or grandma, or husband) via snail mail. It comes in handy for writing thank you notes at the last minute.


Created by TNP contributor Alisa Vitti, this makes your period (day we say it) enjoyable. Using the app will helps balance your hormones overall through functional nutrition; it tells you what to eat, when to eat, how to workout, how to meditate. Basically, this is the ultimate app for female health, and it’s wildly helpful in tracking your period and it’s symptoms.

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