5 Links We Love

Ahhh, another summer Friday – there are so few left! Truth be told, we’re barely focusing at work, instead thinking about where we’re eating this weekend and which cocktail we’ll order first. Negroni? Martini? Frosé? They all sound like magic words to us. Need something to keep you buys before you can leave? We’ve got you covered; read our five favorite links from this week below…

Mercury being in retrograde has us all feeling a bit zany lately. Thinking of a career change? See which jobs The Zoe Report recommends for your zodiac sign here!

We’re always on the lookout for innovative new takes on our classic recipes. This weekend, we’re definitely setting aside to make some of this delicious homemade hummus from Camille Styles.

TBH, we’re experiencing serious #fomo after missing out on the LA Hamilton premiere (you know we love ourselves an interview with a Broadway star). Scroll through the highlights over on Go Fug Yourself; we’ll be pretending we were there with a glass of champagne, thanks.

It’s the best time of the year: Bon Appetit officially announced the 10 best restaurants in America right now. Roadtrip to visit them all, Potatoheads?

Our friends over at Coveteur are styling denim on denim. Thoughts? This look strikes exactly the casual/put-together look we’ve been after all summer.

Happy reading!


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