What Our Pilates Guru Eats In A Day

From Erika Bloom, Pilates Expert and Founder of Erika Bloom Pilates

Our relationship with food is incredibly profound. How we eat not only impacts our looks physically, but a healthy diet ensures that all of the body’s systems are functioning optimally on the inside, allowing us to look and feel our absolute best.

Each of us is unique in what our body needs to feel satisfied and nourished. My food philosophy is to nurture my body with nutrient rich foods that I truly enjoy.

Here’s how I’m staying healthy this summer with my meals while teaching Pilates in the Hamptons.

For Breakfast:

  • Room temperature water with ginger and lemon
  • A cup of green tea
  • A round of sweet potato topped with avocado, radishes, a poached egg, and microgreens, garnished with cilantro, dill, and a drizzle of olive oil
  • A handful of blueberries or blackberries

At Work:

A smoothie with matcha, pea protein, mango, spinach, kale, water, and coconut milk

For Lunch:

A cup of chickpea stew or a quinoa bowl with black beans, squash, and hummus topped with watercress and arugula

Post -Afternoon Workout:

Homemade balls made of chia seed, pumpkin seed, carob powder, quinoa flour, dates and organic, unsweetened coconut or apples with cashew butter

For Dinner:

Fresh, local fish with roasted fennel, shaved raw beets, and kale salad

Before bedtime:

Sakara detox water or holy basil tea

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