5 Links We Love

Ahhh, another summer Friday – there are so few left! Truth be told, we’re barely focusing at work, instead thinking about where we’re eating this weekend and which cocktail we’ll order first. Negroni? Martini? Frosé? They all sound like magic words to us. Need something to keep you buys before you can leave? We’ve got you covered; read our five favorite links from this week below…

Traveling is hard. Getting dressed to travel is harder. Looking at pictures of celebrities in clothes they chose to wear on planes, trains, and automobiles? Strangely soothing. See our faves over on Go Fug Yourself.

This rosé will change your life. No, we’re not being hyperbolic; yes, it costs less than $10. Go buy it now, we’ll wait! Pour yourself a glass, sip, enjoy. You’re welcome.

Have you guys checked out basically, by Bon Appetit? It’s a busy woman’s best friend. This burger is the literal stuff of our dreams.

Dye your hair? This is why you should consider using natural color. (Shoutout to our Junior Editor’s salon, hey Spoke & Weal!)

If you need us, we’ll be spending the rest of the day looking at these stunning sunrooms over on Camille Styles and pretending we’re Ina Garten, thank you very much.

Happy reading!


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